A Simple Path

A Simple Path

3 Seasons

Yann Horowitz experiences skateboard culture in interesting cities around the world exploring its DIY lifestyle which has permeated into the parallel worlds of art, music, and fashion.

A Simple Path
  • Jakarta

    Episode 1

    Jakarta, urban meets jungle. The yellow brick road, shiny shoes at Survive Skate shop, 24/7 under the bridge. Road trip to Bandung, a mosque session, Nasi Padang Every Day, Bhang records, live with Sigit, motion graphics and self-expression.

  • Bali
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Bali, the paradise island of magic. It's about progression at Motion Skate Park, DIY at the Jungle spot, vegan indulgence at Kynd café, design for the Hand of God, hot bowl grinds at the Dog Bowl and Loco by Nature and Televisi Star worldwide.

  • Milan

    Episode 3

    120 Hours in Milan where dreams come true. Connect at Rufus Skate and textured expressions. The global community at Milano Centrale. Candy Coast, try and try again for creative escape. Flying at Lambrate Skate Park, photographic genius and unity.

  • Switzerland

    Episode 4

    Lugano, home of Morel, Oops Bar and The Warriors. To Basel for cheesy potatoes, DIY with Oli and Claudia, Pipoz, Portland Bowl, the president, creative concrete and wood and the Rock n' Rollers. Back to The Beast then love underground at Bern Moosweg

  • Berlin

    Episode 5

    Belin beautiful grunge, skate spoons, freestyle analogue, Griefswalder DIY and Skatesencia. Sketistan HQ, positive impact for kids the world over, NBU home of Hera, a space for expression. Place magazine, potato pants album cover prints and Templehof