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10 Episodes

Adventurer Francesca Chiorando travels the globe to discover some of the world’s most challenging and terrifying places, uncovering fascinating stories.

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  • Naples

    Episode 1

    Francesca Chiorando is on a quest to discover the truth behind the city of Naples, is it a kingdom of violence and a culture obsessed with death?

  • Edinburgh

    Episode 2

    Francesca Chiorando uncovers Edinburgh's gruesome past, back when grave robbing, bodysnatching and murder were rife.

  • Cornwall

    Episode 3

    Francesca Chiorando dives into life in Cornwall to discover the ancient practices of witchcraft and smuggling.

  • Iceland

    Episode 4

    Francesca is on a quest to discover why Icelandic people believe in mythical creatures. Is it folk law or are there really trolls lurking in the wilderness?

  • Snowdonia

    Episode 5

    Francesca Chiorando goes on a high-octane, nail-biting adventure in Snowdonia, one of the remotest corners of the UK.

  • Sahara

    Episode 6

    Francesca is in Morocco to experience life on the edge of human capability and takes on a survival challenge walking alone amongst the sand dunes of the Sahara.

  • New Orleans

    Episode 7

    Francesca Chiorando travels to New Orleans to explore Voodoo and learn about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Massachusetts

    Episode 8

    Francesca is in the USA, in an area named The Bridgewater Triangle to discover if there’s any truth to its claim as the most paranormal area of the USA.

  • Belfast

    Episode 9

    Francesca Chiorando jets into Belfast, once of Europe’s most volatile cities, to track down ex-terrorists.

  • Bulgaria

    Episode 10

    Francesca Chiorando travels to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria to find out if this is a Holiday heaven or Holiday hell.