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  • Sahara

    Francesca is in Morocco to experience life on the edge of human capability and takes on a survival challenge walking alone amongst the sand dunes of the Sahara.

  • Kenya

    In this episode Peter Trego will be playing on a dust-bowl pitch in the Kenyan Savannah, where giraffe and zebra graze just beyond the boundary.

  • Rwanda

    Pete travels to Rwanda to discover how cricket has become the fastest growing sport in the country.

  • Episode 2

    In this episode we discover the fanaticism of the riders.How do they achieve their success during such a dangerous event? The answer turns out to be friendship.

  • Secrets of Dark Fest

    Ten of the World’s best mountain bike riders gather to compete against one another in South Africa for Dark Fest, a unique and ambitious free riders event.

  • Road to Gymkhana Grid

    Road to Gymkhana Grid is a feature documentary following eight world-class drivers' journey to South Africa to compete in the world drifting championship event.