Around The World In 80 Tricks

Around The World In 80 Tricks

10 Episodes

Around the World in 80 Tricks stars magicians Magical Bones and Pete Heat as they showcase their unique brand of trickery on the streets of Europe and Asia.

Around The World In 80 Tricks
  • Paris & Barcelona

    Episode 1

    Bones introduce his trademark trickery to people in Paris and Barcelona, performing mind reading and an attempt to escape a straitjacket while breakdancing.

  • London

    Episode 2

    In this episode Bones is back in his home city, London where he stuns locals with his mind reading, card trickery and disappearing skills.

  • South Korea - Night

    Episode 3

    Bones is in Seoul, South Korea. He explores the city by night and performs a mixture of magic tricks, including a vanishing trick, coin tricks and card tricks.

  • South Korea - Traditional

    Episode 4

    In this episode Bones is in South Korea, where he visits Taekwondo group, the K Tigers, a tarot card reader and reveals the secret to the perfect card shuffle.

  • South Korea - Youth

    Episode 5

    This time Magical Bones is in Seoul. He goes to the B-Boy championships and also visits his friend Ji and performs a spectacular trick on a shirt.

  • Delhi

    Episode 6

    In this episode Pete take to the streets of India’s capital city Delhi. He performs a series of fun and baffling tricks including a levitation attempt.

  • Delhi & Mumbai

    Episode 7

    Pete is in Delhi and Mumbai performing magic to a variety of people, including a baffling thirst quenching trick, as well as making rings and himself vanish!

  • Mumbai

    Episode 8

    Pete Heat checks out some of the trendiest bars in the Mumbai, meets a famous Bollywood artist and shows you how to perform your own piece of magic at home.

  • Manchester

    Episode 9

    Pete Heat in Manchester and visits Old Trafford and for his finale; he wows a group of friends with his unique and comedic magic skills.

  • The Best of…

    Episode 10

    In the episode you can see the best of Around the World in 80 Tricks.