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  • Mumbai

    Pete Heat checks out some of the trendiest bars in the Mumbai, meets a famous Bollywood artist and shows you how to perform your own piece of magic at home.

  • Delhi & Mumbai

    Pete is in Delhi and Mumbai performing magic to a variety of people, including a baffling thirst quenching trick, as well as making rings and himself vanish!

  • South Korea - Night

    Bones is in Seoul, South Korea. He explores the city by night and performs a mixture of magic tricks, including a vanishing trick, coin tricks and card tricks.

  • South Korea - Traditional

    In this episode Bones is in South Korea, where he visits Taekwondo group, the K Tigers, a tarot card reader and reveals the secret to the perfect card shuffle.

  • South Korea - Youth

    This time Magical Bones is in Seoul. He goes to the B-Boy championships and also visits his friend Ji and performs a spectacular trick on a shirt.

  • Sri Lanka

    Pete Trego travels to cricket obsessed Sri Lanka uncovering the secrets of spin-bowling and how cricket is helping to heal wounds left by the recent civil war.

  • Singapore

    Pete Trego investigates the rise in popularity of cricket in Singapore. He meets up and plays with many of its cricket clubs and players.

  • Indonesia

    A journey of discovery to a forgotten zone of Indonesia with 3 incredible surfers: Marti Paradisis, Mikala Jones and Bryce Young, son of surf legend Nat Young.

  • Fiji

    We get Lost In Fiji with Mark Healey as one of the most incredible swells to ever arrive on the pristine reef of Cloudbreak hits with perfection.

  • Lost In The Fog

    A thick fogbank causes the crew to miss its rendezvous with their fuel support boat. Patrick narrowly escapes injury. It’s fisherman’s day in Russian!

  • Tasmania

    Join Mikey Brennan as he leads us on an adventure around his island home with 2 of his good friends, getting lost in search of waves and beautiful landscapes.

  • Java

    Some of the best big wave surfers on the planet are chasing a mystical set up that has never been surfed before, deep in the heart of Indonesian territory.