Backyard Ballistics

Backyard Ballistics

10 Episodes

Backyard Ballistics is a scientific construction series where Jörg Sprave and Cheyenne Ruether take on ambitious fan set challenges with surprising results, gnarly carnage and spectacular finales!

Backyard Ballistics
  • Cannon Carnage

    Episode 1

    Jörg and Cheyenne are challenged to build a Rubber Powered Cannon! Cheyenne sets about building the wheels, framework, and crank for the cannon whilst Jörg sets about doing the science behind the rubber! Time to cause some serious carnage!

  • Javelin Launcher

    Episode 2

    Jörg and Cheyenne are challenged to build a javelin Launcher. The two work together and build a machine that is so impressive that Jörg thinks it could beat a professional athlete. But will they beat an Olympic medallist in the finale?

  • Super Stone Skimmer

    Episode 3

    Jörg & Cheyenne are challenged to build a machine that can skim a stone across a lake. Jörg designs a slinger that throws like an arm but isn’t strong enough. Will Jörg’s second design be powerful enough to compete with a stone skimming champion?

  • Gatling Gun

    Episode 4

    Jörg and Cheyenne are challenged to build a Gatling Gun! After looking into the history or the 19th century weapon and the challenges they can expect to face, they get to work building their weapon before putting it to the test in flaming finale!

  • Car Slingshot

    Episode 5

    Jörg & Cheyenne are challenged to build a huge slingshot that will catapult a car down a racetrack. Cheyenne needs to weld an internal framework and release system so the car doesn’t rip apart. How will the rubber-powered car fare against a Mustang?

  • Axe Flinger

    Episode 6

    Jörg & Cheyenne are challenged to build an Axe Flinging Machine. Cheyenne is on axe making duty whilst Jörg works out the necessary calculations required, this is no mean feat! Can it beat one of the UK’s top axe throwers in a head-to-head contest?

  • End of the World Crossbow

    Episode 7

    Time for an apocalyptic challenge. Cheyenne has some awesome tests to put Jörg through his paces. He is being taken out of his comfort zone. No workshop, no power tools, no researched plan. Just Jörg, his knowledge and 3 tricky survival situations.

  • Machine Gun Crossbow

    Episode 8

    Jörg & Cheyenne are challenged to create a Machine Gun Crossbow. They need to build a chassis, a magazine and an automatic firing and reloading mechanism. Can they build a fully automatic crossbow? And will it beat a team of crack crossbow shooters?

  • Flaming Ballista

    Episode 9

    Jörg & Cheyenne are challenged to build a Flaming Ballista. Jörg schools us about siege weaponry and they craft a plan on how they are going to build this machine! Cheyenne takes charge of the metalwork and Jörg takes charge of the rubber and wood.

  • Scuba Spear

    Episode 10

    Jörg and Cheyenne are challenged to build a Scuba Spear Gun! Despite having no experience of underwater builds, Jörg has a few tricks up his sleeve. But will they be able to beat one of the world’s greatest spearfishermen in our popping finale!