Beyond The Boundary

Beyond The Boundary

6 Episodes

In this new observational documentary series cricketer Pete Trego will be travelling around the world to meet passionate players and supporters of the game.

Beyond The Boundary
  • Sri Lanka

    Episode 1

    Pete Trego travels to cricket obsessed Sri Lanka uncovering the secrets of spin-bowling and how cricket is helping to heal wounds left by the recent civil war.

  • Kenya

    Episode 2

    In this episode Peter Trego will be playing on a dust-bowl pitch in the Kenyan Savannah, where giraffe and zebra graze just beyond the boundary.

  • Rwanda

    Episode 3

    Pete travels to Rwanda to discover how cricket has become the fastest growing sport in the country.

  • South Africa

    Episode 4

    Professional cricketer Pete Trego travels around South Africa on quest to find out why so few black players have made it into the South African national team.

  • Singapore

    Episode 5

    Pete Trego investigates the rise in popularity of cricket in Singapore. He meets up and plays with many of its cricket clubs and players.

  • Dubai

    Episode 6

    Pete Trego drops in on a Pakistan Super game, experiences street cricket Dubai style, trains with the UAE national squad and the emerging woman’s team.