Breaking Beyond

Breaking Beyond

5 Episodes

In the six-part series Breaking Beyond, six breakers discover the dance, breaking and hip hop culture in different cities around the world. In every episode, we follow each breaker as a host in a big metropole in their home countries, and learn about their lives and background stories. Every B-Boy and B-Girl’s story is unique, and the contrasts between them show us how diverse the global breaking culture is. In the destination cities, the breakers are divided into hosts and guests, where one will take on the other and show them their culture, lifestyle and country. They will take a deep dive into the city’s hip hop culture with a strong focus on break dancing.

Breaking Beyond
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Episode 1

    In the city of Rotterdam, three times world champion, Menno, hosts b-boy Junior from France. Both are considered legends. Menno takes Junior on a trip he will never forget and meet people who have all left their mark in the Dutch breaking community.

  • Tokyo, Japan

    Episode 2

    Vegas Bboy Ronnie is traveling to Japan to visit Bboy Shigekix in his hometown Tokyo. Shigekix will take Ronnie on an exciting Journey to show the Japanese culture and it's unique style of breaking and hip-hop.

  • Congo

    Episode 3

    Bboy Junior is going back where he was born, The Democratic Republic of Congo. World champion Shigekix will join him, visiting Africa for the first time. Together they will explore the dance culture in the city of Goma.

  • Sao Paulo

    Episode 4

    Russian Bgirl Kastet is visiting Sao Paulo, the home of Bboy Neguin. Together they will explore the dance, breaking and hip hop culture in the streets of Sao Paulo. Meeting up with legends and learning Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu and Passinho.

  • Las Vegas

    Episode 5

    Brazilian Bboy Neguin is visiting his friend Bboy Ronnie in his hometown Las Vegas. Ronnie istaking Neguin to meet all the different artists and dancers who are able to make a living inVegas by doing what they love most: performing on stage.