Breaking the Day

Breaking the Day

8 Episodes

“Breaking the Day” delivers an authentic and captivating 24-hour glimpse into a momentous day in the life of extraordinary individuals from all around the world, condensed into just 44 minutes.

Breaking the Day
  • Experimental Test Pilot

    Episode 1

    Test pilot Elliot Seguin is ramping up to the first flight of his latest project.

  • Free Diver

    Episode 2

    After being diagnosed with a painful and debilitating disease, Stig Pryds found treatment in the sport of free diving.

  • Eagle Hunter

    Episode 3

    Eagle hunter Sailau Jarih must face the decision to end a chapter in his life and give up eagle hunting, or to carry on and continue the ancient tradition.

  • Perceiberos

    Episode 4

    In Northern Spain, there is a 40-mile stretch of coastal waters known as Costa da Morte or “The Coast of Death”. It is home to the percebeiros, fisherman who collect one of the most coveted delicacies on the planet.

  • Saddle Bronc Rider

    Episode 5

    Kaila Mussell is the only professional female bronc rider in the world. In 2014, Kaila broke her neck during a competition. She has not competed professionally since and will return to the professional circuit for the first time in two years.

  • Adventure Photographer

    Episode 6

    Adventure photographer Krystle Wright returns to her native country of Australia, in an attempt to capture an epic rock climbing shot.

  • Bike Messenger

    Episode 7

    Professional Bike Messenger Chicago’s Nico Deportago-Cabrera arrives in Los Angeles to attempt a climb of California’s Onion Valley on his fixed-gear bike.

  • Street Artist

    Episode 8

    Alex Yanes uses resin, acrylic, wood, and enamel to create 3D works that redefine pop art.