Breakthrough: Women Changing the Game

Breakthrough: Women Changing the Game

6 Episodes

Breakthrough: Women Changing the Game follows a diverse group of female athletes through make-or-break seasons in traditionally male-dominated sports.

Breakthrough: Women Changing the Game
  • Born Tough

    Episode 1

    Natalie begins her first year as a NASCAR Xfinity driver, Leilani makes the Varsity football team, Hollie chases down the record she set last year and Emily travels to America to race in Formula 4.

  • She’s Got a Shot

    Episode 2

    Emily looks for more Top 10 finishes in her F4 round, Hollie chases down more wins for her record, Natalie prepares to race at Talladega and Leilani begins to feel like a benchwarmer.

  • Block ‘em and Ignore ‘em

    Episode 3

    Natalie’s online harassment spills into the real world, Hollie makes a mistake that could get her banned from racing, Emily’s father pays her a surprise visit to the United States and Leilani’s teammate is hospitalized after an on-field injury.

  • Outside Your Comfort Zone

    Episode 4

    Emily must land sponsors to pay for her next race weekend. Natalie returns to Wisconsin to race in front of her family. Leilani is facing a homecoming game and a nomination for homecoming royalty, and Hollie struggles during her week-long ban.

  • Never Give Up

    Episode 5

    Leilani confronts her coach about the lack of playtime, Natalie makes an embarrassing mistake, Emily’s F4 struggles continue after her dad returns home, and Hollie competes in one of the biggest races of the British season.

  • Her Last Shot

    Episode 6

    Leilani changes her focus to the WFA, Emily’s money issues come to a head as she faces a difficult choice, while Natalie and Hollie both put up stunning season-end performances.