Chasing Monsters : El Nino

Chasing Monsters : El Nino

10 Episodes

Chasing Monsters show cases the unique lives of big wave surfers, as they pursue the storms of the 2016 El Nino season in search of the biggest waves.

Chasing Monsters : El Nino
  • Big Wave World Tour

    Episode 1

    Trevor Carlson puts everything on the line to chase monster waves from Maui, Hawaii to Ensenada, Mexico.

  • Skimboarding Jaws

    Episode 2

    Brad Domke aims for the big wave surfing history books by skimming the big waves of Pe’ahi.

  • Pe’ahi

    Episode 3

    Will Skudin and Keali’i Mamala deal with the trials and tribulations of life as traveling big wave surfers.

  • Mavericks

    Episode 4

    Big wave surfing’s elite break routines and converge to ride an unforgettable swell at Mavericks.

  • The Eddie

    Episode 5

    The world’s elite big wave surfers revel in the biggest most powerful Waimea Bay surf conditions to ever grace the Eddie Aikau Contest.

  • Maui
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Tyler Larronde beats the odds to execute a seamless barrel at the legendary big wave known as Mavericks.

  • Family Values

    Episode 7

    A new generation of female chargers band together to compete in a unique big wave surfing ‘expression session’ on the north shore of Oahu.

  • Skullbase

    Episode 8

    The Walsh twins reveal why water safety crews and rescue teams are the unsung heroes of big wave surfing.

  • Impact Zone

    Episode 9

    Francisco Porcella displays the unquenchable spirit that drives the desire to chase big waves.

  • End of the Season

    Episode 10

    The best of the big wave surfing community wrap up an amazing El Nino season with the XXL Big Wave Awards in Anaheim, California.