Close Proximity

Close Proximity

10 Episodes

Close Proximity dives into a world of cars, trucks and tire burn, through the unique life of professional, drift car driver, Matt Field.

Close Proximity
  • Long Beach California

    Episode 1

    Matt Field and his and his solid team of experts head down to Long Beach, California to begin the Formula Drift Championship series.

  • Atlanta

    Episode 2

    Coming off a good start to the Formula Drift Tour, Matt Field and his crew prep, pack, and fly to Atlanta for next stop of the Formula Drift championship.

  • Morgan Hill

    Episode 3

    After a loss against Formula Drift newcomer Faruk Kugay in Atlanta, Matt is back in Morgan Hill, cleaning up the Drift Cave before heading to Orlando.

  • Orlando

    Episode 4

    Following a disappointing 12th place finish in the Formula Drift series stop in Orlando, drift car driver Matt Field prepares for the next stop: Wall Speedway.

  • Long Break

    Episode 5

    After a week-long break, Matt Field and his crew are refreshed and ready for their next stop in Montreal, Canada.

  • Montreal

    Episode 6

    After a controversial call by the judges at the Formula Drift stop in Montreal, Matt Field focuses on restoring his mangled car for his next stop.

  • China

    Episode 7

    Professional drift car driver, Matt Field, takes a break from the Formula Drift Championship Series and heads to Japan to compete in the D1 Grand Prix.

  • Fallon, Nevada

    Episode 8

    After returning from China, Matt Field heads to Fallon, Nevada to compete in the Fallon 250 – a 250 mile off road race – alongside his father, Bruce Field.

  • Preparing for Texas Motorway

    Episode 9

    Professional drift car driver, Matt Field, prepares for the next Formula Drift stop at Texas Motorway.

  • Irwindale California

    Episode 10

    After a win in Texas, Matt Field and his team head to Irwindale, California with renewed hope and in high spirits.