Dangerous Waters

Dangerous Waters

4 Seasons

Five Dangerous Waters crew members embark upon an epic adventure riding their personal watercraft from Seattle via Alaska and across the Bering Strait to Russia

Dangerous Waters
  • Back to the Bering

    Episode 1

    The men return to the Bering Strait after their first failed attempt to cross into Russian waters. Excitement builds, but the weather will not cooperate.

  • Detainment

    Episode 2

    After crossing the Bering Strait the men are taken into custody at gunpoint by the military. The expedition is at risk as the military will not let the men go.

  • No Confidence

    Episode 3

    The crew are forced to go back across the Bering Strait to the US and Steven tries to convince the men to re-route and head through the Northwest Passage.

  • A Mutiny of One

    Episode 4

    The men free themselves from a lagoon, but Andrews attitude begins to effect the team. Steven puts Andrew on notice.

  • For Miles & Miles

    Episode 5

    The team attempt their longest day of travel yet and end up camping on a beach with huge Brown Bears. An Arctic storm traps the men at an Alaskan village.

  • Ice Cold

    Episode 6

    En route to Barrow the team get stuck in a maze of Arctic Ice. Steven is forced to send someone home while the crew prepare to push into the Beaufort Sea.

  • Stranded

    Episode 7

    Preparing to leave Barrow the men sell the extra watercraft for fuel money. The team experience the worst ocean conditions in two seasons and get stranded.

  • Prudoe Bay

    Episode 8

    Completely out of fuel, the team is stuck waiting for a plane to resupply the expedition. The men hunt for caribou and cook fresh meat on an open fire.

  • Going for Broke

    Episode 9

    Camping on the edge of Prudhoe Bay the team face the financial realities of the expedition. Prices for fuel continue to rise as the crew arrive at Kaktovik.

  • On the Edge

    Episode 10

    The men fear they may have to turn back unless they can find help with getting fuel. With an Arctic storm bearing down the crew boldly ahead into the unknown.