Dangerous Waters

Dangerous Waters

4 Seasons

Five Dangerous Waters crew members embark upon an epic adventure riding their personal watercraft from Seattle via Alaska and across the Bering Strait to Russia

Dangerous Waters
  • A New Crew

    Episode 1

    A whole new Dangerous Waters crew meets in Singapore. Preparations for departure take an unexpected turn. Steven recruits the Spikey Lady.

  • The First 10 Miles

    Episode 2

    The expedition moves off shore shadowed by a new fuel support boat. Mechanical mishaps cause a Jet Ski to sink. Steven’s back is against the wall.

  • Hard Decisions

    Episode 3

    Steven is forced to send a crewmember home. The expedition attempts to cross the South China Sea. Disaster strikes during a huge storm.

  • Rolling the Dice

    Episode 4

    The expedition shrinks with only two operating watercraft and three men. Steven sends another member of his team home.

  • Storm Troubles

    Episode 5

    The crew departs Malaysia and head into Brunei. Thunderstorms continue to cause problems. Terrorism becomes a real threat to the expedition.

  • Humbled

    Episode 6

    Military warn the expedition of terrorist threats. The crew explores a floating village. Troy loses his passports and medications. Tensions are high.

  • Threat Region

    Episode 7

    Steven hatches a plan to get Troy into the Philippines. Customs, police and military warn the team to avoid all marine traffic.

  • Engine Trouble

    Episode 8

    Poor fuel quality begins causing problems. Troy is forced to leave the expedition. Steven enters a small native village looking for fuel.

  • The Gift

    Episode 9

    Philippine locals come to the aid of the expedition. The men receive unexpected help at Noa Noa Island. Every last drop of fuel is filtered.

  • Never Lose Faith

    Episode 10

    The men explore sunken Japanese Navy vessels from World War 2. Poor fuel is causing havoc with the expeditions Jet Ski but Steven finds a way to move on.