Dangerous Waters

Dangerous Waters

4 Seasons

Five Dangerous Waters crew members embark upon an epic adventure riding their personal watercraft from Seattle via Alaska and across the Bering Strait to Russia

Dangerous Waters
  • Japan

    Episode 1

    The expedition arrives in Japan and finds out their Russian crewmember is being denied entry into the country. Steven reaches out to a member of the United States Congress for support.

  • The Return of Troy

    Episode 2

    Steven brings back Troy to the expedition. The Japanese Government and Coast Guard question the team. The men depart Tokyo heading north along the coast.

  • I Quit

    Episode 3

    The crew is held up in Chosi while a huge storm hammers the coast. After two days of rough water, a member of the crew quits the team. New plans are developed.

  • Never Give Up

    Episode 4

    Steven, Patrick, and Troy continue along the coast of Japan passing the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Conditions are extremely rough. The men push to reach the tip of Japan.

  • Eight Foot Ditch

    Episode 5

    The expedition crosses the Tsugaru Strait between the main two islands of Japan. The Sea of Japan tests the crew’s nerves and Japanese locals continue to come to the aid of the crew.

  • Russia

    Episode 6

    The men explore the remote coast of Hokkaido Island arriving in their final Japanese port, Wakkanai. Only the Straits of La Perouse separate the men from entering the Russian Federation.

  • Air Lift

    Episode 7

    The men are processed by Russian border services. Russian authorities stop the expedition from continuing through the Kuril Islands. The expeditions Russian liaison, Gleb Kraveg joins the crew.

  • Kamchatka

    Episode 8

    Forced to find another route to Petropavlovsk, the men have arrived by cargo plane with their Jet Skis. Without finding a fuel support boat the team will not be able to continue any further.

  • Lost In The Fog

    Episode 9

    A thick fogbank causes the crew to miss its rendezvous with their fuel support boat. Patrick narrowly escapes injury. It’s fisherman’s day in Russian!

  • A Magical Coast

    Episode 10

    The crew travel along the remote Kamchatka Peninsula. A huge brown bear chases the men off the beach. Jet Ski are damaged being hoisted onto the Lesche.

  • Goodbye Lesche

    Episode 11

    After a rough night on the Lesche, the crew are lowered onto the water and say their goodbyes. The expedition finds a huge group of Walrus feeding off the coast. Fuel is running low.

  • Fuel
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    The team is forced to camp on a remote beach overnight and attempt repairs. Heavy wind becomes a concern. The expedition decides to depart Beringovsky and head for Anadyr but things go terribly wrong.

  • Native Fish Camp

    Episode 13

    Poor fuel continues to cause issues. The men take refuge at a native fish camp seeking help. Igor to the rescue! Steven gets thrown off his Jet Ski.

  • Keep Going

    Episode 14

    The men return to Beringovsky to make repairs to their fuel systems. Russian locals warn of poor fuel causing problems. The expedition decides to keep going!