• Who Are The Masters Of Dirt?

    An introduction of all characters. Find out what MOD is and what it stands for.

  • Dubai

    Pete Trego drops in on a Pakistan Super game, experiences street cricket Dubai style, trains with the UAE national squad and the emerging woman’s team.

  • Vienna

    The biggest show of the year is ahead of MOD. 28.000 people from all over Europe will visit the show at MOD’s hometown: Vienna.

  • Klagenfurt & China

    2016 Masters of Dirt returned to Klagenfurt, but this time to the temporary location of the Exhibition Hall.

  • Team Week

    Masters of Dirt has its own team riders and are invited to a team week once a year. They will shape the whole compound and have some relax time.

  • Linz & Bern

    Second stop of the team week: Royal hills experience. Several times the crew has been to Royal Hills – we will show a recap of archive footage.

  • Fly the RED

    In episode one of The 30//10 Challenge, we get to know three of the most talented wingsuit base jumpers in the world: Sam Hardy, Nathan Jones and Espen Fadnes.

  • Target smash

    In the second episode, Sam Hardy and Nathan Jones take on Target Smash, attempting to hit a Styrofoam dartboard whilst they fly at over 250km/h.

  • Fireworks

    Sam and Nate fulfil a childhood dream: playing with fireworks. The pair plan to attach rockets to their wingsuits before treating Chamonix to a light show.

  • Climb and base

    Episode four sees Sam and Nate go back to the basics of base jumping. Chamonix is famed for its cable cars, providing easy access to the best jump spots.

  • Inside The Masters Of Dirt

    2 seasons

    Follow the crew as they travel the world amazing audiences on their arena tour featuring top stunt riders on a host of extreme sports machines.

  • King Of The Hammers: The Ultra4 Saga

    1 season

    King of the Hammers: Ultra4 Saga is a reality series based around the US off-road race competition that combines desert racing, rock crawling and high emotions.

  • Gymkhana Grid Profiles

    1 season

    Gymkhana Grid profiles tells powerful emotional stories from a diverse range of drivers and what it takes to compete at the highest level.

  • Road to Gymkhana Grid


    Road to Gymkhana Grid is a feature documentary following eight world-class drivers' journey to South Africa to compete in the world drifting championship event.

  • Endurance - 24 hours at Spa

    1 season

    Every summer, the Total 24 Hours of Spa GT3 race is held in Belgium. This series goes behind the scenes with the drivers and pit crews fighting for victory.

  • Morbidelli Rising

    2 seasons

    Franco Morbidelli enters MotoGP as Moto2 World Champion. Now, the graduate of Valentino Rossi’s Riders Academy could be set for a debut to remember.

  • Close Proximity

    1 season

    Close Proximity dives into a world of cars, trucks and tire burn, through the unique life of professional, drift car driver, Matt Field.

  • The 30//10 Challenge

    1 season

    Three Wingsuit pilots are challenged to explore the boundaries of human flight by completing ten unique and creative aerial stunts within 30 days in Chamonix.