Daredevils Season

Daredevils Season

Daredevils Season
  • Who Are The Masters Of Dirt?

    An introduction of all characters. Find out what MOD is and what it stands for.

  • Dubai

    Pete Trego drops in on a Pakistan Super game, experiences street cricket Dubai style, trains with the UAE national squad and the emerging woman’s team.

  • Vienna

    The biggest show of the year is ahead of MOD. 28.000 people from all over Europe will visit the show at MOD’s hometown: Vienna.

  • Klagenfurt & China

    2016 Masters of Dirt returned to Klagenfurt, but this time to the temporary location of the Exhibition Hall.

  • Team Week

    Masters of Dirt has its own team riders and are invited to a team week once a year. They will shape the whole compound and have some relax time.

  • Linz & Bern

    Second stop of the team week: Royal hills experience. Several times the crew has been to Royal Hills – we will show a recap of archive footage.

  • Fly the RED

    In episode one of The 30//10 Challenge, we get to know three of the most talented wingsuit base jumpers in the world: Sam Hardy, Nathan Jones and Espen Fadnes.

  • Target smash

    In the second episode, Sam Hardy and Nathan Jones take on Target Smash, attempting to hit a Styrofoam dartboard whilst they fly at over 250km/h.

  • Fireworks

    Sam and Nate fulfil a childhood dream: playing with fireworks. The pair plan to attach rockets to their wingsuits before treating Chamonix to a light show.

  • Climb and base

    Episode four sees Sam and Nate go back to the basics of base jumping. Chamonix is famed for its cable cars, providing easy access to the best jump spots.

  • Artwork

    In the fifth episode, Sam and Nate celebrate the halfway point of their mission by tackling their most creative task to date: aerial artwork.

  • Slalom

    Episode 6 sees Sam and Nate take inspiration from skiers and snowboarders to create perhaps the most dangerous and spectacular task to date: slalom.

  • Speed and Flare

    Taking a trip down memory lane and returning to Aiguille de Midi, Sam and Nate will attempt to measure their top speed for the first time.

  • Powder paint

    Sam and Nate pick up the paint once more for another artful stunt: powder paint - creating a magical colour bubble on the steep slope of Aiguille du Varan.

  • Acroshow

    In the ninth episode of the 30//10 Challenge, Sam and Nate accept a challenge set by another extreme sports athlete: Geraldine Fassnach.

  • Mont Blanc Heli-Jump

    In the final episode, Sam Hardy, Nathan Jones and Espen Fadnes finish their mission in Chamonix by setting themselves their most spectacular task to date.

  • Ready Or Not

    Matt Field begins the drift season on the back of a number 7 end-of-year place on the Formula Drift Championship rankings.

  • Drifting

    On the heels of an extremely disappointing first stop, Matt Field who now lags behind in points looks ahead in preparation for the next stop of the season.

  • The Fix

    Life continues for Matt and the team after another disappointing Formula Drift Championship series stop in Atlanta.

  • Hopes

    With a Pro M organizing and judging gig between him and his disappointing stop in Atlanta, Matt field is ready to take on the next stage.

  • Battlefield

    The next stop is Wall Township, New Jersey and to keep up the momentum, Matt and the team dedicate a good amount of time to some practice.

  • Test And Tune

    Matt Field struggles to reconcile with a new Formula Drift Championship rule that cost him the competition against Odi Bakchis back in Wall Township.

  • Close Call

    Drift Car Driver, Matt Field, forges ahead on his quest for Formula Drift Championship series glory. His next stop on that journey is Monroe, Washington.

  • Pressure

    It’s qualifying day at the Texas Motor Speedway and Matt and the team are present for the next step on their journey.