Drone Wars

Drone Wars

12 Episodes

Drone Wars is a series of challenges that puts piloting skills, engineering and teamwork to the test. Teams compete against obstacles and each other in a competition that will reveal the best drone pilots and engineers.

Drone Wars
  • The Maze

    Episode 1

    Seven teams of two come from all over the world to compete. Their first challenge is designing a drone that guides them through a giant maze.

  • Track and Field

    Episode 2

    A challenge of traditional drone racing separates the teams into racers and engineers, all against the backdrop of an abandoned military base.

  • Joust

    Episode 3

    Teams must equip drones with poles able to grab rings attached to field goal posts. The top two teams compete in a medieval joust tournament for the top spot.

  • Ghost

    Episode 4

    An abandoned building is rigged with motion sensors and teams must sneak through without being seen. A team is eliminated from the competition.

  • Search and Rescue

    Episode 5

    Teams design a drone to find a person lost in the forest… but the person lost is a member of their team. They are timed on successfully escaping the woods.

  • Drone Ball

    Episode 6

    The six remaining teams split into two groups and play the first ever game of Drone Ball.

  • Pirate Ship Raid

    Episode 7

    A ‘pirate’ ship is stationed in the water with treasure on it. Teams must fly to the ship and retrieve as many coins as possible.

  • Drone Derby

    Episode 8

    Teams build the strongest drones to carry the most amount of weight for their size. Who goes higher than the tower and who gets eliminated?

  • Make This Fly

    Episode 9

    Teams are given objects and must make them fly and host a party. A spontaneous drone party commences with a multitude of guests!

  • Atmosphere Jump

    Episode 10

    Drones go to the highest point and drop a payload on the target below. Points are awarded for highest altitude and closest to target landing.

  • Drone Triathlon

    Episode 11

    Teams create drones that can fly, float and drive and race through the air, sea and land. A team is eliminated to reveal the final contenders.

  • Target Practice

    Episode 12

    The finalists face-off head to head by equipping their drones with paintball guns and targeting one another. One champion emerges.