6 Episodes

DRONERS follows top drone pilots as they discover racing and freestyling and explore the new technology shaping the future of drones.

  • Guerilla Droners

    Episode 1

    From New York to Hong Kong, DRONERS tags along with FPV crews to cover underground races and meet the key-players in the emerging drone community.

  • Kid Droners

    Episode 2

    DRONERS goes behind-the-scenes at an international racing tournament to discover the young pilots climbing the ranks - and raking in the cash along the way.

  • Freestyle Droners

    Episode 3

    DRONERS races cars, flies up mountains, and explores abandoned buildings in a rush of adventure to find out what it really takes to be a freestyle pilot.

  • Next-gen Droners

    Episode 4

    DRONERS discovers how the technological advances driven by the FPV community are pushing the envelope of what’s possible in this fast-moving community

  • Extreme Droners

    Episode 5

    Some drone pilots take their ‘quads’ to the extreme, building strange new designs, racing them in epic locations and building alternative communities.

  • Droners Volcano Mission

    Episode 6

    A team of daredevil DRONERS go on an epic mission to an active volcano to try and fly their drones inside a lava pit - all in the name of science.