Epic Exploring

Epic Exploring

2 Seasons

In Epic Exploring, YouTube stars Josh and Cody are on a mission. Together with Urban Exploring friends they travel around the world in search of the most spectacular abandoned locations on the planet.

Epic Exploring
  • Estonia / Vietnam

    Episode 1

    In this episode, Josh travels to Tallinn in Estonia with urban explorer Steve Duncan where they explore Patarei Prison. Meanwhile, Cody is in Vietnam with his friend Sherman Mak and travels to Pan Thiet in search of abandoned amusement park Soui Cat.

  • Germany / Morocco

    Episode 2

    This time urban explorers Josh and Cody separately visit Germany and Morocco in search of astonishing abandoned locations including Wünsdorf, the forbidden city near Berlin, and an abandoned filmset in the Sahara desert used for Game of Thrones.

  • Georgia / France

    Episode 3

    Josh and Cody are separately visiting Georgia and France. Cody, together with rooftopper Harry Gallagher, undertakes a cable car trip known as 'Stalin’s coffin'. Josh is in France searching for abandoned chateaus with globetrotter Lexie Limitless.

  • Germany / England

    Episode 4

    Josh and Cody are diving into the underworld. This time, Josh explores the abandoned German mining industry, including an encounter with a Police squad, and in England, Cody explores an old Soviet submarine in the English Medway river.

  • U.S.A. / Cyprus

    Episode 5

    Cody encounters wild animals and thrilling attractions in abandoned Six Flags, New Orleans. Meanwhile, Josh is in Cyprus where the UN peace keeping force allows him to explore the abandoned Nicosia International Airport and the UN bufferzone.

  • Armenia / Greece

    Episode 6

    Together with rooftopper Elaina Hammeken, Josh explores an incredible radio telescope from the Soviet era in Armenia while Cody experiences an astonishing trip through the Greek mining industry of Ptolemaida with his travel companion, Elvis Brauer.

  • U.S.A. / Belgium

    Episode 7

    While Cody explores lost industries in the ‘ugliest’ city in the world with freerunner Abudi Alsagoff, Josh, together with his old neighborhood friend John Yurei, is in the famous American prison 'Joliet', where prisoners build their own cells.

  • Norway / Croatia

    Episode 8

    Josh and urban exploring-legend Steve Duncan travel to the arctic island of Spitsbergen, Norway, where there is an old Soviet mining town waiting to be explored. Meanwhile Cody explores the dark and cruel history of Goli Otok prison in Croatia.

  • Namibia / Albania

    Episode 9

    Cody is in Namibia following in the footsteps of German diamond seekers hearing stories of thieves and smugglers. Josh is in Albania and finds abandoned fighter jets and a secret factory.

  • Fukushima

    Episode 10

    The final episode reunites Josh and Cody after months of travelling separately, this time to the nuclear disaster area of Fukushima in Japan. Meanwhile, they look back at their adventures and reveal the result of their rankings of locations.

  • The Ultimate Bucket List

    Episode 11

    Join Josh and Cody on this special episode, as they look back on their epic adventures. Which location will they rank at the top of their ultimate global bucket list of Epic Exploring?