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  • Anna Stohr

    Anna Stöhr is a professional climber from Austria and is a double World Champion, double European Champion and the World Cup winner in bouldering four times.

  • Wheels - Lutz Eicholz

    Lutz Eicholz descends the Austrian Alps with his unicycle.

  • Water - Kevin Langeree

    Big Air kiteboarder Kevin Langeree shows some extreme kitesurfing on the waters of Noordwijk and Tarifa.

  • Wheels - Chris Van Dine

    Professional mountainbiker Chris van Dine is travelling through Sweden in search of the perfect downhill mountainbike trail.

  • Belfast

    Francesca Chiorando jets into Belfast, once of Europe’s most volatile cities, to track down ex-terrorists.

  • Rotterdam

    Two European street artists are teaming up in the Netherlands for the ultimate Street Art Challenge but Mother Nature seems to be doing everything to ruin it.

  • Fly the RED

    In episode one of The 30//10 Challenge, we get to know three of the most talented wingsuit base jumpers in the world: Sam Hardy, Nathan Jones and Espen Fadnes.

  • Target smash

    In the second episode, Sam Hardy and Nathan Jones take on Target Smash, attempting to hit a Styrofoam dartboard whilst they fly at over 250km/h.

  • 48 HRS: The London Film Project

    In 48HRS: The London Film Project, two teams of young film makers are followed in London. Is their creativity and team effort enough to make the winning film?

  • Paradise Waiting

    Jokke, Espen and Niccolo have emotional reunions with family members. First in the Alps and later on the island of Sardinia, where Niccolo was raised.

  • Last Frontier

    Jokke travels to the US, first to have some fun in California and then on to Alaska to go speed flying with his friend Miles Daisher. Chopper time!

  • Spain

    We meet with a Spanish MTB pro rider who decided to create his company in order to build the most exclusive and unique carbon bikes.

  • Norway

    An Irish MTB pro rider discover and ride the most amazing trails that Norway has to offer from mountains to the ocean.