Extraordinary Humans

Extraordinary Humans

3 Seasons

In this series Thom Hunt searches for people with genuine, real-life super-powers that push the known limits of the human mind and body.

Extraordinary Humans
  • The Beast Man / Hawk Eyes

    Episode 1

    The people Thom investigates in this episode claim to harness powers that it was thought existed only in the animal kingdom.

  • Human Cat / Human Bat

    Episode 2

    Thom meets a man who claims to be the fastest human on all fours and a man who uses a form of echo-location to see the world around him using sound.

  • Human Camel / Mega Arm

    Episode 3

    Thom tracks down a man who has a right arm bigger than his left and sets another man the ultimate challenge to extinguish a ¶re using the water in his stomach.

  • Fearless / Iron Chest

    Episode 4

    Thom tracks down two more extraordinary humans. One balances on the edges of the world and one attempt to withstand the weight of a crushed car on his chest

  • Super-brain / Music Master

    Episode 5

    Thom meets Gabriel Dechichi who solves Rubik’s cubes whilst blindfolded, and Derek Paravacini who can memorise an entire piece of music after a single hearing

  • Human Megaphone / Human Toolbox

    Episode 6

    Thom's latest quest introduces him to Annalisa, who has the worlds loudest shout and to Brad Byers, who has the ability to force metal objects up his nose.

  • Snake Eye / Heatproof Man

    Episode 7

    On this leg of the search, Thom meets a man capable of squirting liquid from his tearducts and a man who claims to have heatproof hands.

  • Ice-proof / Bullet Proof Man

    Episode 8

    Thom meets a man with an extreme resistance to the cold and meets someone who developed a form of martial art, to make him indestructible.

  • Skull Of Steel / Shock Proof

    Episode 9

    Thom meets a man who claims to have a skull capable of withstanding extreme forces and Serbian Biba Struger who claims to be immune to electrocution.

  • Human Airpump / Killer Deck

    Episode 10

    In Las Vegas Thom meets Rick, someone who can turn a playing card into a lethal weapon and Brian, who uses his unique lung power to blow up water bottles