Extraordinary Humans

Extraordinary Humans

3 Seasons

In this series Thom Hunt searches for people with genuine, real-life super-powers that push the known limits of the human mind and body.

Extraordinary Humans
  • Tim Cridland

    Episode 1

    Thom Hunt heads to Las Vegas to meet Tim Cridland, a sideshow performer who claims to be pain-proof.

  • Ron White

    Episode 2

    Thom Hunt travels to the US to track down Ron White, a man whose mind-blowing memory powers defy belief.

  • Igor Zaripov

    Episode 3

    Thom heads to Nevada, to find a man who defies human biology. Igor Zaripov performs mind-blowing feats of power using only the might of his jaw.

  • Scott Flansburg

    Episode 4

    Thom’s in Nevada, tracking down world record-holding mathlete Scott Flansburg, who’s able to crunch numbers faster than a calculator.

  • Jerry Miculek

    Episode 5

    Thom heads to Louisiana to meet Jerry Miculek, the human machine gun who can fire a handgun faster than an automatic weapon.

  • Dean Karnazes

    Episode 6

    Thom Hunt heads to Nevada, to meet Dean Karnazes, an ultramarathon runner who’s taken endurance running to a level that defies human biology.

  • Claudia Hughes

    Episode 7

    Thom travels to the UK to track down real life rubber girl Claudia Hughes, a contortionist whose extraordinary flexibility defies human physiology.

  • Tom Sietas

    Episode 8

    Thom travels to the UK to track down Aquaman Tom Sietas, who can hold his breath submerged for a death defying 22 minutes.

  • Anthony Kelly

    Episode 9

    Thom’s in the UK to track down Anthony Kelly; a man whose world record breaking reflexes are rumoured to be superhuman.

  • George Aldrich

    Episode 10

    Thom meets a man with a superhuman sense of smell; George Aldrich is Nasa’s Chief Sniffer; employed to detect problems before they become a hazard in space.