Female Heroes: Francesca Chiorando

Female Heroes: Francesca Chiorando

Francesca Chiorando … the ultimate adventurer and adrenaline junkie. As the host of Ultimate Processes, Access All Areas and Spartan X she’s discovered some of the world’s most challenging and terrifying places. As she says, “I’ve always loved being outside, building stuff, exploring. I suppose as I've got older, my playground has just got bigger!”

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Female Heroes: Francesca Chiorando
  • Belfast

    Francesca Chiorando jets into Belfast, once of Europe’s most volatile cities, to track down ex-terrorists.

  • New Orleans

    Francesca Chiorando travels to New Orleans to explore Voodoo and learn about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Massachusetts

    Francesca is in the USA, in an area named The Bridgewater Triangle to discover if there’s any truth to its claim as the most paranormal area of the USA.

  • Iceland

    Francesca is on a quest to discover why Icelandic people believe in mythical creatures. Is it folk law or are there really trolls lurking in the wilderness?

  • Snowdonia

    Francesca Chiorando goes on a high-octane, nail-biting adventure in Snowdonia, one of the remotest corners of the UK.

  • Sahara

    Francesca is in Morocco to experience life on the edge of human capability and takes on a survival challenge walking alone amongst the sand dunes of the Sahara.

  • Cornwall

    Francesca Chiorando dives into life in Cornwall to discover the ancient practices of witchcraft and smuggling.

  • Edinburgh

    Francesca Chiorando uncovers Edinburgh's gruesome past, back when grave robbing, bodysnatching and murder were rife.

  • Bulgaria

    Francesca Chiorando travels to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria to find out if this is a Holiday heaven or Holiday hell.

  • Conquer The Castle

    The first episode of Spartan X starts with heavy battle. Who can conquer the castle and become a Spartan?

  • Grand Finale

    The final of Spartan X! Who will win the 40.000 euro’s first prize plus the claim to the ultimate title of Spartan X?

  • Naples

    Francesca Chiorando is on a quest to discover the truth behind the city of Naples, is it a kingdom of violence and a culture obsessed with death?

  • Tied To A Pole

    In this 2nd episode of Spartan X, the contestants will find out that there is a thin line between being a Spartan or an Exile.

  • Chained

    Another elimination game is coming up and with a big game changer, everything can happen and no one is certain of a spot in the competition.

  • Tug Of War

    The last episode before the epic final! Who will survive the coming battles, who will have to leave the competition and who will be our first finalist.

  • Food Frenzy

    The first eliminated contestant will have to pack his or her bag and go home after playing an exciting elimination game.

  • Heavy Boxes

    In this episode, the contestants fight a hard battle with and against each other.

  • Memory

    Can our only two female fighters left, Anabel and Francesca, stay in the game and beat the men? Or are the cards already dealt?

  • Swim Shoot

    One of the contestants will be going home, but will this be during a game or for another reason?

  • Running With Fire

    The second elimination game will take place. Who will be on a flight home?

  • Helicopters

    In this episode of Ultimate Processes, we investigate how the AW 101, one of the world’s most advanced search and rescue helicopters is designed and built.

  • Vespa

    In this episode of Ultimate Processes Francesca Chiorando goes inside the Vespa factory in Italy - to see how they build their iconic scooters.

  • Bikes

    We are in the middle of a cycling revolution and these days there’s a bike for every occasion, so presenter Francesca Chiorando tries out two of them.

  • Motor Homes

    Francesca visits two companies making wooden houses. One makes flat pack homes for assembly and the other specialises in creating beautiful wooden frames.