Full Circle

Full Circle

9 Episodes

Richie Jackson explores the world of skateboarding. From its legends, culture and tricks, to its potential as a platform for youth development – Full Circle is a comprehensive tour of an iconic sport.

Full Circle
  • The Grind

    Episode 1

    Richie Jackson tours Australia to investigate the daily lives of skateboarders striving to make it big in the sport. He joins Jakob Robinson, Dane Burman and Jake Brown for backyard pool sessions and skate park contests.

  • Evolution

    Episode 2

    Richie Jackson explores how skateboarding has evolved over time, from sidewalk surfers to longboard dancers. To explore vert, street and longboarding, Richie meets Eduoard Damestoy, Spencer Semian, Josh Neuman and Hyojoo Ko.

  • Culture

    Episode 3

    Richie Jackson dives into the rich world of skateboard culture to find out how its influence stretches far and wide – including tattoo artists Chloe Bernard, photographer Grant Brittain and musician Waxx Gyver.

  • Skate Art

    Episode 4

    Richie Jackson knows a thing or two about board graphics, and now he’s looking to update his own. He meets up with Jack Smith, Marc McKee, Marcos Cabrera, Joan Tarrago and Liane Plant to the world of skate art.

  • Videos

    Episode 5

    As long as skateboarders have been skateboarding, they’ve been filming it. Now, Richie Jackson is exploring the world content creators Spencer Barton and Truman Burbank, as well as revealing his own creative process.

  • Olympics

    Episode 6

    Skateboarding is an Olympic event, but will that impact the status of the sport? Richie Jackson meets Olympic hopefuls Aurélien Giraud, Douwe Macare and Candy Jacobs to explore just what it takes to become an Olympian.

  • Youth

    Episode 7

    Richie Jackson sees how skateboarding is used to inspire the next generation by spending time at Camp Woodward, in Australia with Mat Chigwidden and in Europe with Titus Dittmann, the founder of Skate-aid.

  • Legends

    Episode 8

    Richie Jackson explores skateboard history by spending time with the legends who made it. From Jack Smith and Mike McGill to Steve Olsen and June Saito – his journey across the USA showcases the best of skate history.

  • Business

    Episode 9

    Titus Dittmann, Julius Dittmann, Nils Gebbers and Salman Agah are living proof that there’s more than one way to make money in skateboarding. Richie Jackson meets up with them to see how they’ve turned passion into profit.