Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side

Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side

5 Episodes

Sometimes abandoned places are not as abandoned as they seem. YouTube stars Josh and Cody hunt for spirits and energies in Ghost Chasers: Exploring the other side!

Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side
  • Trinity Theatre - England

    Episode 1

    A skeptical Cody investigates a haunted theater located in the South of England. The stage is set, the lights are off. Let’s hunt and explore the other side.

  • Chateau de Fougeret - France

    Episode 2

    Dancing tables and a talking Ouija board, all part of the experience while exploring the other side in the most haunted chateau in Loire Valley, France; Chateau Fougeret.

  • Berengaria Hotel - Cyprus

    Episode 3

    Some guests never leave. Does this former luxury hotel located on the island of Cyprus still hosts some of its former guests? Join Josh when he explores the other side.

  • Patarei Prison - Estonia

    Episode 4

    Josh returns to the Patarei Prison in Estonia, where evil regimes sowed death and destruction, to explore and search for angry spirits and energies from the past.

  • Goli Otok Prison Island – Croatia

    Episode 5

    Some prisoners are never released. Does Cody find the forever imprisoned on a small island known as the ‘Croatian Alcatraz’?