Graveyard Carz

Graveyard Carz

2 Seasons

The world is littered with the remains of forgotten muscle cars. At Graveyard Carz, some will get a second chance in the hands of Mark Worman and the Ghouls.

Graveyard Carz
  • Grin And Bear A'Cuda

    Episode 1

    In the season 7 debut, it's all about the 'Cudas. The ghouls get cracking on the infamous '71 Phantom Cuda and Mark gets three new Barracudas delivered.

  • General Lee Considered

    Episode 2

    It's moving day in the body shop, when Mark decides that Will and crew need some one on one attention. Allysa gets trained on the wildly entertaining Stringo.

  • Operation Firepower?

    Episode 3

    Mark announces a top-secret project to the ghouls and Allysa surprises her dad, when she manages to get him his old car for Father’s Day

  • This Roadrunner Gives Me A Hemi

    Episode 4

    The 1 of a kind 1969 Hemi Roadrunner Convertible, is back on the lift. With the owner soon to arrive, the ghouls have to ramp up and get it finished.

  • Judgement Day

    Episode 5

    Tony and Cindy D'Agostino visit the Ghouls. Mark and Tony geek out over the 1970 Superbee 383 Magnum and the 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner.

  • Cuda 'Tat

    Episode 6

    Mark and Allysa decode the broadcast sheet for a 1970 Challenger. Will breaks a part on the 'Cuda and Mark painstakingly examines his paint job.

  • What We Do For A Buck

    Episode 7

    It's time for some resto-lovin' on Buck's '71 Challenger R/T. Allysa helps Dave install the brake lines, work on the overhead console and install the gas tank.

  • Daytona Vs. Hellcat

    Episode 8

    Mark and the Ghouls compare a 1969 Daytona with a 2016 Hellcat. They take them for a drive to the weigh station and for a side by side on the dyno.

  • Firepower Un Boxed

    Episode 9

    Allysa rounds up the team and Mark unveils the surprise crate engine for the Operation Firepower 'Cuda. Then, he reveals the reason this project is top-secret.

  • Mopar Or No Car

    Episode 10

    The engine is removed and the 'Cuda is slated for paint. But before Will can prepare, he receives a package with something magical inside.

  • Firepower Operation

    Episode 11

    It's nearing the end of Operation Firepower. The ghouls are working hard to complete the project and tries to fire up the 'Cuda for the first time.

  • Disneyland Of Carz

    Episode 12

    At SEMA, the Ghouls make their rounds in the Disneyland of cars. The team goes drifting and Mark takes to the stage to reveal Operation Firepower to the world.

  • The Phantom 'Cuda Rides Again

    Episode 13

    The legendary 1971 440 six-barrel, Phantom 'Cuda is revealed to its owner. Don't miss the final send-off for the 'Cuda that started Graveyard Carz.