HER Week

HER Week

To celebrate Women’s Day, here at Insight TV we’ve got a week’s worth of content featuring women across the fields of football, music, racing and so much more! Featuring women from some of our most popular shows such as Ultimate Goal, Car Crews with Supercar Blondie and City Beats this is not something to miss!

HER Week
  • London

    DJ and house music producer Carly Foxx steps outside of her comfort zone to draw inspiration for her music track from urban youths in London’s Grime scene.

  • Amsterdam

    DJ and house music producer Carly Foxx travels to Amsterdam to influence her music track and discovers it’s a whole lot more experimental than she imagined.

  • Berlin

    DJ and house music producer Carly Foxx journeys Berlin, one of the worlds undisputed techno capitals, and discovers the sound of freedom buried in its history.

  • Ibiza

    DJ-producer Carly Foxx travels to the clubbing capital of the world to inspire her music track and discovers Ibiza’s alternative spiritual side.

  • Europe

    DJ and house music producer Carly Foxx looks back at her journey to the music dance capitals of Europe to inspire her final track.

  • Jndia: The Fast Life

    Meet Jndia Erbacher. Just a normal girl who likes partying, holidaying and driving drag cars at 550KMPH! Watch Jndia racing dragsters across Europe, striving to break America in her quest to become the fastest woman on Earth.

  • Maud Le Car

    Hailing from the small island of Saint Marten in the Caribbean, Maud Le Car does not battle the elements, she strives to become one with them.

  • Kiara Fontanesi

    Kiara Fontanesi has an impressive trophy cabinet. She is the 5 times winner of the Women Motocross World Championship, winning 4 of those years in succession.

  • Emma Dahlstrom

    Hailing from a small mountain town in Sweden and with her own Father being a ski coach, skiing was infused into Emma Dahlstrom’s blood.

  • Boats

    Presenter Francesca Chiorando visits an Italian company called Wally making some of the best looking and technologically advanced super yachts in the world.

  • Bikes

    We are in the middle of a cycling revolution and these days there’s a bike for every occasion, so presenter Francesca Chiorando tries out two of them.

  • New York

    Rapper Shiniqua, aka Pretty Little Monster, juggles motherhood while trying to avoid the trappings of Instagram fame. Her passion is writing rap lyrics and always tries to keep it real.

  • Fear

    Coping with fear is essential for all winter athletes. They need to be brave to do what they do best, because a moment’s hesitation at the wrong moment can lead to an even more dangerous result. Starring UK snowboarder Katie Ormerod.

  • Grit

    You can’t be a champion without grit. Sometimes you don’t seem to be getting any faster, any better. And then, all that’s left is to get back up, grit your teeth, put your head down and go again. Starring USA Alpine Skier Alice Merryweather.