Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?

Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?

5 Seasons

What is scientific fact — and what is Hollywood fantasy? Terry Schappert and Larry Zanoff meet Hollywood stars and recrate some of TV’s most memorable stunts.

Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?
  • Terry Down Under

    Episode 1

    Terry and Larry start off the new season testing one of the most requested films, Quigley Down Under. Terry will see if he can hit a 564-yard shot with a Sharps rifle and then we will attempt the Quigley. An 800-yard shot, trying to kill 2 bad guys with 1 bullet!

  • Bond, Terry Bond

    Episode 2

    Terry and Larry will be testing the effectiveness of driving a vehicle with fully automatic machine guns mounted to the car! Just like 007 did with his Aston Martin DB5.

  • Just-Terry-Fied

    Episode 3

    Terry and Larry will be test 2 scenes from Justified where, Terry, aka Raylan Givins finds himself in a bathtub and a dead body lying over top of him. A woman stands near ready to end his life when Raylan shoots his service revolver through the dead body and into the woman killing her. Terry and Lar

  • Terry's Reindeer Game

    Episode 4

    Terry and Larry test a scene from Reindeer Games when Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron get trapped under a frozen lake, and they escape by shooting 3 shots with a 12-gauge shot gun underwater to blast a hole in the ice to escape.

  • Ex-Men The Origins of Terry

    Episode 5

    Terry and Larry test a famous scene from X-men. They are attempting to see if you can split a bullet with a Katana sword

  • Pay Terry Back

    Episode 6

    Terry and Larry test 2 scenes from Mel Gibson’s film Payback. Mel's character is in the back of a taxi when 4 bad guys pull up next to him in an SUV, they open fire and Mel uses a bad guy in the cab as a shield. Test 2 will be after he escapes from cab Mel finds himself under the SUV and shoots u

  • Paint Your Red River Stagecoach at High Noon

    Episode 7

    Terry and Larry will test different famous shots from westerns. Can you shoot a cowboy hat off the bad guy? Will a shotgun blast really throw you back through a window? Can a single shot from a colt revolver break shackles? If you shoot dynamite, will it explode?

  • Terry's Underworld

    Episode 8

    Terry and Larry are going to test a famous scene from Underworld with Kate Beckensale. Terry will attempt to shoot a circle around himself in the floor and fall through to save himself from the pack of werewolves.