Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?

Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?

5 Seasons

What is scientific fact — and what is Hollywood fantasy? Terry Schappert and Larry Zanoff meet Hollywood stars and recrate some of TV’s most memorable stunts.

Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?
  • A Pirates Life for Terry

    Episode 1

    Terry and Larry go on a swashbuckling adventure when they test two scenes from the 1920’s film, The Black Pirate starring Douglas Fairbanks, Senior. Terry will see if he can knock down a ships mast with a canon, and then test gravity as he slides down a sail with only a knife.

  • Terry Loves 70's Cop Shows

    Episode 2

    Terry travels back in time to the 70’s where he gets to relive his childhood dreams of becoming a 70’s TV cop. Larry helps Terry test several scenarios, including hiding behind a car door for cover, and if you can really shoot a gas tank from a car to make it explode.

  • Breaking Terry Badly

    Episode 3

    Terry falls victim to Walter White in Breaking Bad, and Terry and Larry test 3 separate scenes from this iconic series, 2 of which need the help of Special Effects expert Andre Ellingson, including lighting a gas tank on fire and chemically burning through a steal door.

  • Getting to Know Rick O'Shea

    Episode 4

    In this episode we get know Larry’s friend Rick O’Shea (Ricochet). Terry and Larry test several different films where bullets are manipulated in order to get an amazing result. They test scenes from Skyfall, Suicide Squad, American Ultra, and The Bear.

  • Larry's Shadow

    Episode 5

    Larry gets sucked into Terry’s dark and mysterious world because Terry wants to test 2 scenes from the 1994 film with Alec Baldwin, The Shadow. Terry will find out if they can save a man trapped in cement shoes, and then they will do a seemly impossible test.

  • We Hear Ya!

    Episode 6

    Larry and Terry test several requests from viewers. They will test a bunch of crazy scenes from Bad Boys 2, Under Siege, A LIcense to Kill, and Bangkok Dangerous.

  • D-Day By Air

    Episode 7

    Terry goes back to paratrooper school and will see how difficult it was for soldiers engaging the enemy while parachuting down to safety on D-Day. He will attempt with 3 different weapons to hit several targets while descending from the air.

  • Saving Private Terry

    Episode 8

    Terry gets to relive part of his military carrier by attempting the famous sniper shot from Saving Private Ryan, and Larry and Terry demonstrate how sniper technology has developed over the years and test some amazing sniper shots.