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Watch this video and more on Insight TV

Up Next in Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? - Season 4

  • Nightmare on Hollywood Weapons

    Terry and Larry get to test several scenes from Horror films! Terry wants to find out what is the best way to kill a Zombie, just in case he ever ends up in a Zombie Apocalypse, and they will test a scene from the horror classic, Freddie vs. Jason!

  • All for One!

    Terry travels back in time to see if he can make it as a Three Musketeer! Can he throw his sword and kill the enemy? Can the cross that he wears around his neck stop a bullet? Can a lead ball ignite from a black powder ignite a carriage full of black powder and brandy? Terry enlists the help of h

  • RED-ish

    Terry takes himself out of “retirement” to test some scenes from RED that will be extremely dangerous. One of which Larry will take great joy in because he gets to fire an RPG at Terry to see if he can shoot it out of the air, and Terry gets to play with a mini-gun again to see if he can cut a van