Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?

Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?

5 Seasons

What is scientific fact — and what is Hollywood fantasy? Terry Schappert and Larry Zanoff meet Hollywood stars and recrate some of TV’s most memorable stunts.

Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?
  • Terry's Lethal Weapon

    Episode 1

    Can a Surfboard act as a projectile going through a car windshield and killing the bad guy?Can a 9mm bullet go through a bulldozer bucket to stop the driver?And will a AK47 be able to fire under water?

  • Jean Claude Van Schappert

    Episode 2

    Terry enters the world of Slow-Mo and explosions trying to imitate Jean Claude in Hart Target. Terry and Larry will be testing 5 scenes from the Hard Target films. One of which will make you never look through a peep hole again!

  • S-Mart Terry

    Episode 3

    ""Give me some sugar baby! Terry travels through time where he will test the cult favorite Army of Darkness. Terry not only gets to test several scenes but also gets a sit down with the legendary Bruce Campbell.""

  • Terry's Brave Heart

    Episode 4

    Terry gets to annoy Larry with his impersonation of William Wallace from Braveheart. He not only gets to wield Sir Wallace's sword, but also convinces Larry to build him a Trebuchet.

  • Bond-ing with Larry

    Episode 5

    Who is the greatest international action hero of all time, Terry Schappert? No. Terry and Larry get to test some scenes from James Bond films and other great action heroes.

  • Across the Great Divided Lonesome Mighty River

    Episode 6

    Everybody loves a great western! Except Larry. Terry gets Larry to test more scenes from classic western movies!

  • Down Mexico Way

    Episode 7

    Don't mess with organized crime. The dynamic duo tackle scenes from the Mexico cartel series Queen of the South, but take a pitstop at the rest room to test a scene from The Foreigner with Jackie Chan.

  • Terry Alone at Home

    Episode 8

    Who left Terry Home Alone! Larry did. Terry and Larry test several scenes from the classic film series Home Alone.