Ink Therapy

Ink Therapy

12 Episodes

Master tattoo artists Brandie, Charlie and Gil shepherd the victims, or caterpillars, through the process of embellishing their scars with beautiful tattoos, healing both their bodies and their minds.

Ink Therapy
  • Pilot

    Episode 1

    We meet Brandie and learn how she came to be passionate about healing through Ink Therapy, and we meet her first customer who bravely gets a new tattoo to cover a scar that brings her shame.

  • Let’s Go Bowling

    Episode 2

    The Ink Therapy artists cover painful scars for a new model and an Army veteran.

  • Get Your Motor Runnin’

    Episode 3

    Charlie works on getting his vintage ’47 Cadillac running. Brandie introduces former Army Vet, Mark, to Charlie while pairing Jasmine with Gil for her first tattoo from a scar she got when she was 3 years old.

  • Thrifty Queens

    Episode 4

    Katie and Tina go thrift shopping and Brandie finds two more people in need of some Ink Therapy. Bryan had a tumor removed from his arm, and Brenda escaped an abusive relationship in which her boyfriend slashed her.

  • Brandie’s Story

    Episode 5

    Brandie bonds with her son. Gil tattoos an art lover’s original design while Carlie takes on a burn victim who needs a guardian angel.

  • Family Night

    Episode 6

    It’s a family affair. Katie organizes pizza & games night with the cast. Both Caterpillars bring their moms to their Ink Therapy sessions.

  • Gil’s Anniversary

    Episode 7

    Gil celebrates his anniversary with his wife Susana. Brandie finds one caterpillar, Becky, a single mom with a harrowing story. She survived an horrific car crash, a cancer scare and a parasite that nearly killed her.

  • Water Fight!

    Episode 8

    It’s guys versus girls as the staff has a water fight at the park. Gil tattoos a criminologist who lost his baby brother while Carlie takes on a recent high school graduate who was suicidal.

  • Date Night

    Episode 9

    One caterpillar has a breast cancer scar covered and another has a reminder of her past abusive relationship removed with a blue jay feather. Charlie & Katie crash Tina & Rick’s romantic date night.

  • Let’s Get It

    Episode 10

    The cast reluctantly agree to go to the gym. In the meantime, Brandie has found two caterpillars. Trisha has a scar from a motorcycle accident, and Angelo survived cancer, with a very large scar on his chest as a reminder.

  • Full Circle

    Episode 11

    Brandie’s story. After 8 years of an “ink therapy” journey, Charlie finally covers Brandie’s last burn. Tears of joy, and an emotional rollercoaster. Once again - linked by ink. What a long, strange trip it has been…

  • Backyard Boogie

    Episode 12

    Old friends meet again. Kristin Perdue is a breast cancer survivor and wants a 3-D nipple tattooed on her breast. Chris survived a shark attack at the age of 12.