Inside The Masters Of Dirt

Inside The Masters Of Dirt

6 Episodes

Follow the crew as they travel the world amazing audiences on their arena tour featuring top stunt riders on a host of extreme sports machines.

Inside The Masters Of Dirt
  • New Beginnings

    Episode 1

    To kick off this season of Inside Masters of Dirt, you’ll get to know the legendary M.O.D riders, their stories, and the iconic Vienna shows that forged their legacy as the world’s wildest athletes.

  • When it Rains, it Pours

    Episode 2

    In Beirut, the Masters of Dirt crew prepare to put on yet another epic show in the Middle East. But even in the hottest countries - when it rains, it pours! See why this tour stop goes down as one of the most challenging in recent M.O.D history!

  • Wibmer’s Wonderland

    Episode 3

    What starts as a business trip to Innsbruck for Georgie and Bienve, turns into a reunion with MTB icon - Fabio Wibmer. Discover how the YouTube superstar lives, how Georgie overcomes his fears, and witness some of the most epic riding of the season.

  • Desert Sessions

    Episode 4

    On the way to their live show in Chile, the crew’s entire plan falls apart while Georgie and some of the team are stranded in the Middle East. But in true M.O.D style, the guys maintain a positive attitude that leads to an insane trip.

  • Reckless Road Trip

    Episode 5

    After a year full of intense shows, it’s time to let off some steam. Georgie and his crew go on a euro road trip to party with M.O.D family members in the UK as well as motocross legend Edgar Torrenteras in his hometown of Barcelona.

  • Audi Nines

    Episode 6

    The Masters of Dirt crew invades Audi Nines, one of the world's most prestigious mountain bike events to showcase some never-before-seen tricks and recruit a new rider to join the team.