Journey Within

Journey Within

6 Episodes

Journey Within is a visually captivating series with Marilia Moreno, exploring ancient practices, modern wellness, and breathtaking destinations in 10 episodes, promoting positive life change.

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Journey Within
  • Costa Rica

    Episode 1

    Marilia explores Costa Rica, connecting with nature at Zunya, experiences a cacao ceremony with the Maleku Tribe, and finds wellness in Tamarindo's Cala Luna. At La Senda, she learns to appreciate nature's beauty and the importance of slowing down.

  • Ireland

    Episode 2

    Marilia's Irish journey, meeting land enthusiasts, explored scenic spots, encounters with Ellie and Hazel, vegan delights at Cornucopia, and concluded with a reflective sunset in the Wicklow Mountains, highlighting a strong community spirit.

  • Bali
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Marilia's Bali journey, focused on purification rituals, blended culture, healing, and adventure. From Tirta Empul's cleansing to exploring Ubud, embracing nature, and local traditions, she found serenity, capturing precious moments in her odyssey.

  • Malaysia

    Episode 4

    Marilia explores social support at Kechara Soup Kitchen, tries Acroyoga, enjoys plant-based food at Nomad Urban Cafe, and visits Melawati Canine Sanctuary. Her experiences emphasize the importance of helping others and maintaining life balance.

  • Garden Route

    Episode 5

    Marilia’s journey on South Africa's Garden Route explores plant medicine, beauty in nature, and animal communication, emphasizing the profound connection between humans and the natural world.

  • Cape Town

    Episode 6

    In Cape Town, the journey unfolds, connecting with mentors, experiencing creative breakthroughs, spiritual rituals, and ancestral connections. From this transformative experience, Marilia discovers the power of inner strength and connection.