King Of The Hammers: The Ultra4 Saga

King Of The Hammers: The Ultra4 Saga

8 Episodes

King of the Hammers: Ultra4 Saga is a reality series based around the US off-road race competition that combines desert racing, rock crawling and high emotions.

King Of The Hammers: The Ultra4 Saga
  • To Hell And Back

    Episode 1

    Last year's champion, Erik Miller defends his title. While 2nd place finisher, Jason Scherer, will be one of the many top challengers aiming to beat him.

  • Finding The Line

    Episode 2

    We follow Shannon Campbell, the first 3-time champion of the King of the Hammers. But his kids, also young drivers, push their dad to the brink of his limits.

  • Bringing Out The Big Guns

    Episode 3

    It's mud, sweat, and gears as drivers battle it out in the toughest Ultra 4 race yet.

  • California Metal Stampede

    Episode 4

    It's all or nothing as underdog Tom Liu drives himself to the brink in a heart-stopping Ultra 4 race.

  • It Is What It Is..

    Episode 5

    Team Indiana, the underdogs of Ultra 4, take the fight to the enemy.

  • Blood, Sweat And Gears

    Episode 6

    Handsome Jay Callaway's racing career is on the line in one of the toughest technical East Coast race of the series.

  • The Outsider

    Episode 7

    Wayland Campbell and Levi Shirley go head to head leading to the championship but there is an outsider Randy Slawson, 2 time champion to never under-estimate.

  • The Showdown

    Episode 8

    Leaders Wayland Campbell and Levi Shirley push each other to their limits while other top drivers show just how fast 4x4 off road racing has become.