Living Stone

Living Stone

10 Episodes

Five couples engage in a life changing hike through Africa’s most pristine wilderness in this game of survival and elimination to reach civilisation.

Living Stone
  • A Storm Is Coming

    Episode 1

    Following instructions on how to survive in the African wilderness, five couples begin their unforgettable journey.

  • It's Just Too Much

    Episode 2

    The couples start their brutal first hike in the middle of the Makgadikgadi Saltpan with only the clothes on their back and two small tents that sleep 5 each.

  • Rain
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    With one couple already dropping out, the others continue their hike through Botswana’s wilderness, slowly becoming aware of their ordeal.

  • The Intrusion Of Strangers

    Episode 4

    The introduction of Kieren and Nina is a jaw dropper for all the others, especially for Teresa who is the first one that has to deal with them in exile.

  • Down To The Wire

    Episode 5

    The couples move deeper into the beautiful Okavango Delta with empty stomachs, their minds determined to survive and their camp surrounded by wildlife.

  • The Nail In The Coffin

    Episode 6

    With Liz in exile and trying to survive Kieren, her husband Ryan and the others continue their journey and search for food along the Mababe river.

  • An Unexpected Turn

    Episode 7

    Kieren exchanges exile for the main camp and instantly irritates Ola, James and Ryan who’s disgust over their new companion grows by the minute.

  • This Is It

    Episode 8

    Liz is reunited with Ryan and they have to compete against Ola and James in a thrilling semifinal.

  • It Might Get Quite Bloody

    Episode 9

    After almost three weeks in the African wilderness, the finalists will face off in the final challenge to decide which couple will be crowned the winner.

  • Sit Back And Relax

    Episode 10

    The winning couple have been crowned and now they get to sit back and relax while looking back on their journey.