Modern Explorers

Modern Explorers

7 Episodes

A group of action sports friends pack their wingsuits and base jumping gear and travel to all corners of the planet to push the limits of human flight.

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Modern Explorers
  • The Journey Begins

    Episode 1

    Monte Brento in the Italian Alps is a great place to try new tricks in a wing suit. And for a paralyzed friend from Dubai, the perfect place to keep on jumping.

  • Paradise Waiting

    Episode 2

    Jokke, Espen and Niccolo have emotional reunions with family members. First in the Alps and later on the island of Sardinia, where Niccolo was raised.

  • The Beachfront

    Episode 3

    Wing suit flying on the coast of Sardinia is unexplored territory. Niccolo desperately wants to try a new line with Espen which finishes on a beach.

  • Last Frontier

    Episode 4

    Jokke travels to the US, first to have some fun in California and then on to Alaska to go speed flying with his friend Miles Daisher. Chopper time!

  • White Horizons

    Episode 5

    The Alaskan mountains in spring are mind blowing. Jokke and his friends board the helicopter to go speed flying. It may look peaceful but it's very dangerous.

  • Giants Of The East

    Episode 6

    Jokke, Niccolo and Espen travel to China. They participate in a wingsuit flying competition. The platform they jump from is just like the mountains: gigantic.

  • Safe Return

    Episode 7

    Wingsuit flying is among the most dangerous sports in the world. How do Espen, Jokke and Niccolo manage to stay alive?