Morbidelli Rising

Morbidelli Rising

4 Episodes

Franco Morbidelli enters MotoGP as Moto2 World Champion. Now, the graduate of Valentino Rossi’s Riders Academy could be set for a debut to remember.

Morbidelli Rising
  • Finding Nirvana

    Episode 1

    How does a rider feel moments before the race that they have spent their life preparing for? Franco Morbidelli begins his first MOTOGP race weekend in Qatar.

  • Chasing Happy

    Episode 2

    The VR46 MotoRanch track created by Valentino Rossi as a place to fine tune the riding skills of a lucky few, is notoriously hard to access - until now.

  • A Dangerous Game

    Episode 3

    There’s danger on the track at the year's biggest race, Mugello. Franco battles to focus on his goal of ‘Rookie of the Year’ while around him his team implodes.

  • Believe

    Episode 4

    Franco continues to claw back points and has a nail biting wait to find out if he has won ‘Rookie of the Year’. Will he be riding again next year?