Motorhead May

Motorhead May

Gearing up for a month packed with some of your favourite motor racing content? Here at Insight TV dive into the world of cars with Motor Head May! A month full of cars, motors and petrol heads. Listen to the sound of roaring engines, smell the burning rubber and watch, as some of the best drivers in the world are pushed to their limits.

Motorhead May
  • The Crash

    After driver Jon Webster crashes the Flying Kestrel at 148 mph, the team must work out what went wrong and have to decide if the dream of a land speed record is worth risking it all?

  • The Rebuild

    The Flying Kestrel team regroup at Jon’s workshop as he shows them his new groundbreaking ideas to rebuild the car to give them the best chance at breaking a land speed record.

  • The Test

    The new version of the Flying Kestrel is ready to be put to the test at one of the most state of the art wind tunnels. Has the team done enough to create a record-breaking car?

  • The Reveal

    At Santa Pod raceway, engineer and driver Jon Webster reveals the final Flying Kestrel to Joel and Nigel McNully, he gives them a tour around the finished car and shows them all the changes he has made, all to hopefully get a land speed record.

  • Ready to race

    The Flying Kestrel team heads back to the 2 mile long runway at Elvington, where last year Jon Webster crashed the car. He drives it in anger for the first time since that fateful day but have they done enough?

  • The Record

    Driver Jon Webster is strapped in and ready to push the Flying Kestrel to its limits.The Kestrel team must overcome multiple problems on the day to stand any chance of topping the time sheets and can Jon keep the kestrel on track and break the record

  • Stripped

    Meet Nigel McNally and the team from Kestrel Beer who has hopes of breaking the land speed record in a restored 1930’a Riley Kestrel 9.

  • Dyno Test

    The record attempt is only one week away and everything seems to be on track, until the results of a dyno test put a spanner in the works.

  • Meet the Press

    The official press launch of The Flying Kestrel at legendary racetrack, Santa Pod. The Kestrel team is joined by Victor Riley of Riley Cars, and celebrity Rachel Riley.

  • Record Day

    Record Day – The transformation is complete and it’s time for The Flying Kestrel to be put to the test. But has the team gone too far too fast?

  • The Record Attempt

  • Los Angeles

    Supercar Blondie goes to Hollywood arriving in a million dollar V12 Ferrari. In the ‘City of Angels’ Alex is brought into contact with the Brotherhood of Racing, a community of drivers looking to create safe racing conditions for amateurs.

  • Houston

    Given special access to a 2 million dollar exclusive McClaren Senna, Supercar Blondie digs under the surface to uncover gang feuds in the SLAB (Slow, Low and Bangin’) community and meets up with legendary hip hop artists Slim Thug and Paul Wall.

  • Las Vegas

    Supercar Blondie arrives in Las Vegas in a million dollar Lamborghini SVJ roadster. Taken under the wing of Patrick, founder of the Junkyard Pirates, Alex is brought into the rat rod world - home to American mavericks and outsiders.

  • Miami

    Supercar Blondie is given the keys to a five million dollar Pagani Huayra L’Ultimo as she explores the sub-culture of lowriders with the seal of approval from Horacio Pagani himself. Will she be accepted into this tribe?

  • Detroit

    Supercar Blondie arrives in ‘Motor City’ in the dead of winter but given access to a half million dollar new Ford GT raises her spirits. Her goal is to learn more about muscle cars, born in Detroit, and her journey takes her in different directions.

  • New York

    Supercar Blondie hits New York City in a four million dollar rare Lamborghini Centenario. Her quest is to track down the players in the underground drift driving scene and visit the exclusive Manhattan Motor Club.

  • Supercar Blondie: Living The Dream Trailer

  • Long Beach California

    Matt Field and his and his solid team of experts head down to Long Beach, California to begin the Formula Drift Championship series.

  • Atlanta

    Coming off a good start to the Formula Drift Tour, Matt Field and his crew prep, pack, and fly to Atlanta for next stop of the Formula Drift championship.

  • Morgan Hill

    After a loss against Formula Drift newcomer Faruk Kugay in Atlanta, Matt is back in Morgan Hill, cleaning up the Drift Cave before heading to Orlando.

  • Orlando

    Following a disappointing 12th place finish in the Formula Drift series stop in Orlando, drift car driver Matt Field prepares for the next stop: Wall Speedway.

  • Long Break

    After a week-long break, Matt Field and his crew are refreshed and ready for their next stop in Montreal, Canada.

  • Montreal

    After a controversial call by the judges at the Formula Drift stop in Montreal, Matt Field focuses on restoring his mangled car for his next stop.