MTB Heroes: Trailblazers

MTB Heroes: Trailblazers

10 Episodes

A documentary series dedicated to mountain biking, introducing riders and the passion that goes into making a lifestyle out of riding a bike.

MTB Heroes: Trailblazers
  • Madagascar

    Episode 1

    A Canadian MTB adventurer explore Madagascar and show the behind the scenes of making a film.

  • Norway

    Episode 2

    An Irish MTB pro rider discover and ride the most amazing trails that Norway has to offer from mountains to the ocean.

  • Alaska

    Episode 3

    We follow one of the best MTB riders and trail-builders on the planet during a trip in Alaska, one of the most remote and wild place in the world.

  • Brazil

    Episode 4

    The best Brazilian MTB rider opens the doors of his house to show how everything started and bring us to Mexico for the most famous urban race in the world.

  • Argentina

    Episode 5

    Two talented Canadian brothers and pro MTB riders decide to go on a freeride trip together and choose to explore the remote desert of Argentina.

  • South Africa

    Episode 6

    We follow the fastest and most stylish female MTB pro rider in the world during a trip in South Africa where she will ride the best trails around Cap Town.

  • Morocco

    Episode 7

    A German MTB legend decides to build a van and travel all the way down to Morocco to explore and ride the great Atlas mountains.

  • Spain

    Episode 8

    We meet with a Spanish MTB pro rider who decided to create his company in order to build the most exclusive and unique carbon bikes.

  • Bali
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    We travel to Bali / Indonesia to meet a MTB pro rider who decided to start a new life between surfing and riding active volcanos.

  • New Zealand

    Episode 10

    We meet one of the most famous MTB photographer in New Zealand and follow him during the biggest MTB competition in Rotorua.