My Van Life

My Van Life

8 Episodes

MY VAN LIFE follows lawyer turned Van Lifer Lisa, who travels coast to coast across America in her self-built camper van, meeting fascinating nomads, while exploring the meaning of freedom.

My Van Life
  • North Carolina

    Episode 1

    Meet Lisa, a former lawyer who escaped the rat race and moved into a campervan after the early death of her mother. Lisa embarks on a cross-country road trip, peeking inside homes on wheels, and connecting with the incredible community of nomads.

  • Mississippi, Alabama & Arkansas

    Episode 2

    A hurricane in the south forces Lisa to change direction. We meet southern Van Lifers living under the radar in a state where the lifestyle is judged harshly. Tragically, Lisa’s story takes a heavy turn when she discovers that her father has died.

  • Texas

    Episode 3

    A colourful graffiti artist in Austin shares her story of loss with Lisa and gives her a tarot reading. We travel to rural Texas to overnight with Jupiter: an outspoken, non-binary person of colour, living in their vintage RV while studying law.

  • Arizona

    Episode 4

    Lisa spontaneously joins a sober dance party on a mountain top in Sedona, and meets spiritual Van Lifers who have dramatically changed their entire existence, including former NFL player Joe Hawley, and a transformative breathwork practitioner.

  • Utah
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    Lisa heads to Utah, the ultimate playground for Van Life adrenaline junkies: aka Dirt Bags. Base jumper Derrick shows that by confronting death, it helps us appreciate life. We meet a solo female traveler who challenges Lisa by taking her bouldering.

  • Nevada

    Episode 6

    Lisa meets off-grid desert nomads turning to this lifestyle out of necessity rather than choice. Van Life rebels rule in Slab City, while in Nevada, Bob Wells - the godfather of Van Life - helps thousands turn to nomadic life when in dire straits.

  • California Desert

    Episode 7

    Lisa connects with a nomad poet, who literally helps her ‘climb’ out of her funk by scaling a challenging peak. After taking tea with a magician, Lisa meets a paramedic single mother hoping to imbue her daughter with valuable life experiences.

  • California Coast

    Episode 8

    After driving across the country, Lisa heads to Santa Monica to hang with a Hollywood producer and check out his pimped out Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. Lisa is welcomed into the school bus home of a family of 7! Because there is always room for one more.