No Time To Lose

No Time To Lose

7 Episodes

Nine individuals compete during a trip across South Africa. From the plains of the Kruger National Park to the spectacular coastline of The Garden Route.

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No Time To Lose
  • Time to Begin

    Episode 1

    In this episode the contestants are competing in a spectacular waterfall race, a race across the African plains whilst being chased by a helicopter.

  • Time Changer

    Episode 2

    In this episode the contestants have to work together during a tough endurance test in the Sabie River and playing rugby wearing VR glasses.

  • Time to Hunt

    Episode 3

    This week the contestants will race right across Johannesburg. They have to fly over the famous Table mountain and need to climb the colorful Soweto Towers.

  • Time for Fear

    Episode 4

    This week, the contestants face a scary hospital hunt. They are tested during a dump cart race and a get together with Soweto locals in a group photo challenge.

  • Time for the Maze

    Episode 5

    This week’s episode contains a Pac-Man maze hunt, with a surprising twist. A new height’s challenge tests some contestant’s fear once again.

  • Time to Jump

    Episode 6

    This week challenges contain a duo team navigation race in Knysna. New time changers can be obtained during a 4x4 vehicle dune race and fear of heights tested.

  • Time Is Up

    Episode 7

    The final episode starts with a memory test high up in the sky. Which contestant has enough energy left for the last 2 races against time?