On The Run

On The Run

12 Episodes

On the Run: one target, two chasers, 48 hours to get from A to B without getting caught. Who is cunning enough to outsmart two professional chasers?

On The Run
  • Colombia - Prado

    Episode 1

    Jay Jay, a former rugby player, has 48 hours to get from Prado harbour to Cunday, about 60km north. His route will take him over water and bumpy dirt roads.

  • Colombia - Raquira

    Episode 2

    In the second episode of On the Run Ash Bardwaj from the UK tries to outsmart two professional chasers; Ben Major and Ewan Ross.

  • Colombia - Bogota

    Episode 3

    The Colombian capital of Bogotá is the setting for a 48 hour manhunt. Dutchman Jay Jay Boske has to plant his flag on top of the Monserrate monestary.

  • Colombia - Aquitania

    Episode 4

    Aquitania, Colombia; the perfect setting for a manhunt that will last a maximum of 48 hours featuring previous runner Ash Bardwaj.

  • Spain - Bacor

    Episode 5

    Today American tv presenter Zay Harding challenges the two former British military specialists; Ben Major and Ewan Ross.

  • Equador - Cojimies

    Episode 6

    The beautiful coastline of Ecuador serves as a backdrop for today’s manhunt. The race starts in Cojimies and finishes near the village of La Mancha.

  • Spain - Rhonda

    Episode 7

    Amidst the Spanish Alpujarras mountains lies Ronda where today’s manhunt takes place. US tv presenter Zay Harding has an insatiable appetite for adventure.

  • Ecuador - Archidona

    Episode 8

    Today’s challenger is Amy Hughes from the UK. She is 28-year-old athlete in peak physical condition. Amy will have to outsmart two professional chasers.

  • Spain - Orgiva

    Episode 9

    In Spain’s Sierra Nevada lies the town of Órgiva, a perfect place for a manhunt. Today’s challenger is 41-year old Zay Harding from Los Angeles, USA.

  • Equador - Quito

    Episode 10

    Today’s challenger is 28-year-old Amy Hughes from the United Kingdom. She claims to outsmart two former British military specialists; Ben Major and Ewan Ross.

  • Spain - Malaga

    Episode 11

    Malaga’s labyrinth of ancient highways make it the perfect backdrop for a two-day cat and mouse game. Today’s challenger is the Zay Harding from the USA.

  • Equador - Tabacundo

    Episode 12

    The village of Ecuador’s Tabacundo hosts the start of this series final manhunt. The challenger for this episode is Amy Hughes, a British 28-year-old athlete.