Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge

Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge

15 Episodes

The Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge is an ultimate competition in search of the most complete team regarding physical condition and mental endurance.

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Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge
  • Forces Of Nature

    Episode 1

    In the first episode of the Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge we will meet the 7 contesting teams.

  • Obstacle Run

    Episode 2

    Our teams will face two specific challenge. One underwater challenge and an obstacle run with an extra challenge to carry with them.

  • Run Through The Jungle

    Episode 3

    After the first assignment of episode 2 the second Dutch team decided to leave the competition.

  • Night Goggles

    Episode 4

    Today, the teams will be challenged to do 2 assignments. And one of the challenges will be even harder than we have seen till now.

  • Boat Rowing

    Episode 5

    In this episode the challenge will be on water. The remaining 5 teams have to row a fishermen boat. The catch however is, the way they have to do this.

  • Canyon Run

    Episode 6

    Today they have to face another mind blowing challenge. Our teams have gathered themselves on the top of one of the most beautiful hidden canyons in Indonesia.

  • Running

    Episode 7

    Our teams have to work as an individual, as well as a team. All teams can still make it to the semi-finales. Some of the teams need a win more then others.

  • Water Challenge

    Episode 8

    Today the 5 teams left in the competition will have to do a water challenge. Not every individual team member is comfortable with water assignments.

  • Beach Run

    Episode 9

    More and more injuries effect the several teams. Will everybody stay in competition?

  • Obstacle Course

    Episode 10

    In this episode the remaining 4 teams will have to do a traditional obstacle course in an abandoned theme park in Bali, Indonesia.

  • Climbing, Jumping, Running

    Episode 11

    Today the teams will have to face a classic water obstacle course.

  • Waterfall Race

    Episode 12

    Today is one of the most important days in the competition. One of the teams will be forced to leave the competition.

  • Trefecta Bike

    Episode 13

    It’s the last day before the finals. The remaining 3 teams will have to compete in two challenges today.

  • Look Back

    Episode 14

    Today we will show how the remaining teams got to the semi-finals and what they had to endure to get there.

  • Final Race

    Episode 15

    Today is the day that all teams will give it all to be the winner of the Ultimate Forces Challenge 2017. It is the day of the finals.