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Power & … is a series about normal people with extraordinary skills and outstanding abilities. From inventions to football, find out what makes them so powerful!

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Power &
  • 52 Blocks - Tear Coleman

    Episode 1

    Tear hails from New York City and is a 52 blocks master, a defensive fighting style invented by African Americans in prisons. Instead of hitting, you block.

  • Glima - Bjørn Braathen

    Episode 2

    Bjørn Braathen is a young man and a passionate Glima (Norwegian wrestling) champion. This is the Art of the Norwegian Vikings, the special forces of their time

  • Shaolin Kung Fu - Kirby Koo

    Episode 3

    Kirby Koo is a Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Artist and yoga teacher who lives in New York City and trains with Shi Yan Ming, a 34rd generation Shaolin warrior monk.

  • Kapap - Amit Himelstein

    Episode 4

    Amit Himelstein is the head instructor of the IKF and the leader in Kapap. His big motto? Respect everyone but fear no-one. He’s the embodiment of krav maga.

  • Kickboxing - Denise Kielholtz

    Episode 5

    Denise Kielholtz is 6 time world champion kickboxer. Her goal? To become the world’s first female MMA world champion and will do anything to achieve this.

  • Lethwei - Dave Le Duc

    Episode 6

    Dave Leduc is the undefeated world champion in Lethwei, the most brutal sport in the world. It is fought without gloves, with elbows, headbutts and take downs.

  • Boxing - Ruqsana Begum

    Episode 7

    Ruqsana Begum is a Muay Tai world champion who wants to become the next world champion in boxing. She’s wants to inspire Muslim women and make a difference.

  • MMA - Nick Hein

    Episode 8

    Nick Hein is a professional Mixed Martial Artist from Cologne and signed with the UFC. His ultimate goal is to become MMA world champion.