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Power &

5 Seasons

Power & ... Sport is a series about normal people with extraordinary skills and outstanding abilities. From inventions to football, find out what makes them so powerful!

Power &
  • Rob Innes
    Episode 1

    Rob Innes

    Episode 1

    Rob Innes’ meticulous engineering and extensive testing have resulted in a very safe and stable watercraft : The Seabreacher.

  • Stewart Hamel

    Episode 2

    Stewart Hamel invented the SkyRunner: the ultimate recreational vehicle, combining off-road adventure with one of the safest forms of aviation.

  • Al Baum
    Episode 3

    Al Baum

    Episode 3

    Al Baum likes to invent crazy machines that give a different perspective on mobility. They are not meant as practical mode of transportation, but they are fun.

  • Ian Britt
    Episode 4

    Ian Britt

    Episode 4

    Ian Britt is het boss of Vurtego the extreme pogo stick that holds 8 world records and allows you to jump over as bus.

  • Marc Hammerla

    Episode 5

    Marc Hammerla is co-founder of the Lampuga, an electric surfboard that reaches up to 52 km/hour.

  • Alois Bauer

    Episode 6

    Alois Bauer grew up in Schwaz, in Tirol, Austria. His goal is building revolutionary, sophisticated, ecological and purposeful vehicles for work and recreation.

  • Tuncay Cakmak

    Episode 7

    Physicist and Gamer Tuncay Cakmak came up with a way to let your body make the moves while you are immersed in VR with The Virtualizer.

  • Damon Wood

    Episode 8

    Damon Wood is an American fromknown for inventing the fastest electric skateboard in the world! It was clocked at 62 km per hour on flat surface!

  • Alan Gibbs

    Episode 9

    Alan Gibbs, founder of Gibbs Amphibians, based in Michigan, Nuneaton, UK, and Auckland, New Zealand pioneers in high-speed amphibious vehicle technologies.

  • Matt Oehrlein

    Episode 10

    Matt Oehrlein loves giant robots, so he and his partner Gui Cavalcanti set out to start a firm that builds giant fighting robots, called Megabots.

  • Rainer Farraq

    Episode 11

    Rainer Farraq is an Austrian engineer who invented the TrixyFormer: An electric driven, enclosed motorcycle, which can be docked into many different vehicles.

  • Chris Hoffmann

    Episode 12

    When Engineer Chris Hoffmann’s daughter asked if it was possible to build a one-wheeled motorcycle she saw in a video game, he decided he probably could.

  • Jean Yves Blondeau

    Episode 13

    Jean Yves Blondeau is the inventor of the 32-wheel roller suit, the wearer who can ride downhill in a variety of positions at speeds of up to 112 km/h.

  • Dennis Hong
    Episode 14

    Dennis Hong

    Episode 14

    Dennis Hong is the director of Robotics Mechanics Laboratory at UCLA and has invented numerous new robots earning the nickname the Leonardo da Vinci of Robots.

  • Don Shaw
    Episode 15

    Don Shaw

    Episode 15

    Former NASA consultant Don Shaw has a unique set of patents on a space vehicle and several on advanced aircraft; vehicles that can drive, fly and hover.

  • Lucas Toledo

    Episode 16

    After yet another public transport strike in their hometown Cordoba, Argentina, Lucas Toledo and two of his friends decided to design a foldable electric bike.

  • Tabb Firchau

    Episode 17

    Tabb Firchau is a cameraman who co-founded Freefly systems to design and build camera stabilizers and unmanned aerial vehicles that were easy to operate.

  • Shane Chen
    Episode 18

    Shane Chen

    Episode 18

    Shane Chen is an inventor. Or to use his own words, he is a “tinkerer” – a fellow who makes a living from molding mechanisms into quirky creations.

  • Massoud Hassani

    Episode 19

    Massoud Hassani has developed the mine kafon drone that could find and get rid of the landmines, fast and cheap.

  • Denis Boivin

    Episode 20

    Canadian engineer Denis Boivin has invented the track n Go, which makes it possible for any 4x4 vehicle to become a snowmobile in 15 minutes.

  • Gravity Sketch

    Episode 21

    Gravity Sketch is an intuitive multi-platform 3D creation tool developed by Oluwaseyi Sosanya and two other students of the Royal College of Art.

  • Rob McCall
    Episode 22

    Rob McCall

    Episode 22

    Rob McCall has built a futuristic catamaran super yacht that looks like something that would transport a James Bond villain to a secret location.