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5 Seasons

Power & … is a series about normal people with extraordinary skills and outstanding abilities. From inventions to football, find out what makes them so powerful!

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    Episode 1

  • Air - Andy Lewis

    Episode 2

    Adventurer Andy Lewis hikes into the Moab desert to walk a 40 metres high slackline.

  • Wheels - Kevin Reimer

    Episode 3

    American speedfreak Kevin Reimer talks about his dedication to downhill skateboarding. He shows his professional gear, give some tips and showcases his tricks.

  • Wheels - Chris Van Dine

    Episode 4

    Professional mountainbiker Chris van Dine is travelling through Sweden in search of the perfect downhill mountainbike trail.

  • Air - Matthias Giraud

    Episode 5

    BASE jumper Matthias Giraud is performing different stunts in his hometown Oregon.

  • Water - Kevin Langeree

    Episode 6

    Big Air kiteboarder Kevin Langeree shows some extreme kitesurfing on the waters of Noordwijk and Tarifa.

  • Wheels - Lutz Eicholz

    Episode 7

    Lutz Eicholz descends the Austrian Alps with his unicycle.

  • Anna Stohr

    Episode 8

    Anna Stöhr is a professional climber from Austria and is a double World Champion, double European Champion and the World Cup winner in bouldering four times.

  • Air - Ellen Brennan

    Episode 9

    Today we follow 28-year-old American Ellen Brennan who jumps of some spectacular cliffs in the French Alps, only wearing a wingsuit.

  • Water - James Tapp

    Episode 10

    We follow James Tapp who, despite having a family, has a passion to become the best thunder cat racer of the world even if it means risking his life doing it.

  • Air - Kenny Chiang

    Episode 11

    Kenny Chiang is a 25 year old aerobatic stunt pilot from Hong Kong and he can’t imagine that he will ever stop doing what he loves most.

  • Water - Chris Jewell

    Episode 12

    Chriss Jewell is a thirty three year old cave diver who is looking for the last unmapped places on earth where no one has ever been before.

  • Thabang Madiba

    Episode 13

    Thabang Madiba is a 31 year old sky and tour runner from South-Africa and his ultimate goal is to become World Champion.

  • Wheels - Emma Bristow

    Episode 14

    Emma Bristow from the U.K is a 25 year old international motorcycle trials rider and current Women’s World Champion.

  • Magnus Midtbo

    Episode 15

    Magnus Midtbø is a 27 year professional rock climber and is currently the number 1 climber in Norway.

  • Wheels - Rob Nolli

    Episode 16

    Rob Nollie from the United States is a professional BMX stunt rider he is so passionate about it that it became a lifestyle and a way of life for him.

  • Water - Tyler Bradt

    Episode 17

    Tyler Bradt from the United States is a wild water kayak expert and he wants to live life to it's fullest.

  • Wheels - Corry Weller

    Episode 18

    Corry Weller from Phoenix Arizona is probably one of the toughest moms from the United States and one of the best in off road racing.

  • Water - Chris Anyzeski

    Episode 19

    Some people like what they do, Chris a professional free style jet ski rider from Florida just loves what he does.

  • Water - Ryan Stramrood

    Episode 20

    Ryan Stramrood from South-Africa is an extreme ice swimmer and the founding member of the International Ice Swimming Association.

  • Air - Fred Fugen

    Episode 21

    Fred Fugen is probably one of the craziest skydivers out there and has jumped off the highest building in the world!

  • Tim Emmett
    Episode 22

    Tim Emmett

    Episode 22

    Published author and popular international speaker Tim Emmet is as happy on rock as ice. Tim completed the hardest ice climb in the world in Canada.

  • Shiva Keshavan

    Episode 23

    Shiva Keshavan is a luge athlete from India and is the only luge athlete from his country.

  • Wheels - Jyri Keskiaho

    Episode 24

    Jyri is a young guy from Finland and the only professional in freestyle snowmobile in his country.