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Power &

5 Seasons

Power & is a series about normal people with extraordinary skills and outstanding abilities. From inventions to football, find out what makes them so powerful!

Power &
  • Air - Andy Lewis

    Episode 1

    Adventurer Andy Lewis hikes into the Moab desert to walk a 40 metres high slackline.

  • Wheels - Kevin Reimer

    Episode 2

    American speedfreak Kevin Reimer talks about his dedication to downhill skateboarding. He shows his professional gear, give some tips and showcases his tricks.

  • Wheels - Chris Van Dine

    Episode 3

    Professional mountainbiker Chris van Dine is travelling through Sweden in search of the perfect downhill mountainbike trail.

  • Air - Matthias Giraud

    Episode 4

    BASE jumper Matthias Giraud is performing different stunts in his hometown Oregon.

  • Water - Kevin Langeree

    Episode 5

    Big Air kiteboarder Kevin Langeree shows some extreme kitesurfing on the waters of Noordwijk and Tarifa.

  • Wheels - Lutz Eicholz

    Episode 6

    Lutz Eicholz descends the Austrian Alps with his unicycle.

  • Anna Stohr

    Episode 7

    Anna Stöhr is a professional climber from Austria and is a double World Champion, double European Champion and the World Cup winner in bouldering four times.

  • Air - Ellen Brennan

    Episode 8

    Today we follow 28-year-old American Ellen Brennan who jumps of some spectacular cliffs in the French Alps, only wearing a wingsuit.

  • Water - James Tapp

    Episode 9

    We follow James Tapp who, despite having a family, has a passion to become the best thunder cat racer of the world even if it means risking his life doing it.

  • Air - Kenny Chiang

    Episode 10

    Kenny Chiang is a 25 year old aerobatic stunt pilot from Hong Kong and he can’t imagine that he will ever stop doing what he loves most.

  • Water - Chris Jewell

    Episode 11

    Chriss Jewell is a thirty three year old cave diver who is looking for the last unmapped places on earth where no one has ever been before.

  • Thabang Madiba

    Episode 12

    Thabang Madiba is a 31 year old sky and tour runner from South-Africa and his ultimate goal is to become World Champion.

  • Wheels - Emma Bristow

    Episode 13

    Emma Bristow from the U.K is a 25 year old international motorcycle trials rider and current Women’s World Champion.

  • Magnus Midtbo

    Episode 14

    Magnus Midtbø is a 27 year professional rock climber and is currently the number 1 climber in Norway.

  • Wheels - Rob Nolli

    Episode 15

    Rob Nollie from the United States is a professional BMX stunt rider he is so passionate about it that it became a lifestyle and a way of life for him.

  • Water - Tyler Bradt

    Episode 16

    Tyler Bradt from the United States is a wild water kayak expert and he wants to live life to it's fullest.

  • Wheels - Corry Weller

    Episode 17

    Corry Weller from Phoenix Arizona is probably one of the toughest moms from the United States and one of the best in off road racing.

  • Water - Chris Anyzeski

    Episode 18

    Some people like what they do, Chris a professional free style jet ski rider from Florida just loves what he does.

  • Water - Ryan Stramrood

    Episode 19

    Ryan Stramrood from South-Africa is an extreme ice swimmer and the founding member of the International Ice Swimming Association.

  • Air - Fred Fugen

    Episode 20

    Fred Fugen is probably one of the craziest skydivers out there and has jumped off the highest building in the world!

  • Tim Emmett

    Episode 21

    Published author and popular international speaker Tim Emmet is as happy on rock as ice. Tim completed the hardest ice climb in the world in Canada.

  • Shiva Keshavan

    Episode 22

    Shiva Keshavan is a luge athlete from India and is the only luge athlete from his country.

  • Wheels - Jyri Keskiaho

    Episode 23

    Jyri is a young guy from Finland and the only professional in freestyle snowmobile in his country.

  • Alex Schwarz

    Episode 24

    Alex followed his parents to Finland, fell in love with dog-mushing and now lives with his girlfriend and 85 dogs near the polar circle.