Power &

Power &

5 Seasons

Power & is a series about normal people with extraordinary skills and outstanding abilities. From inventions to football, find out what makes them so powerful!

Power &
  • Water - Rachelle Simpson

    Episode 1

    Rachelle Simpson is a cliff diver from the United States and has recently won the world series trophy for the second time in a row.

  • Emelie Forsberg

    Episode 2

    Emelie Forsberg from Sweden is a ski mountaineer and mountain runner. For her it’s the ultimate escapism.

  • Jonathan Charlet

    Episode 3

    Jonathan Charlet is a freeride snowboarder and World Champion from Chamonix where he trains on a daily base to stay the best freerider in the world.

  • Arnaud Longobardi

    Episode 4

    Arnaud Longobardi is a French expert in speed flying which is the air sport of flying a small, fast fabric wing, usually in close proximity to a steep slope.