Roads End

Roads End

12 Episodes

Robert Mason and David Lomax are a daredevil duo who have set themselves a challenge of a lifetime in Argentina, where the road ends, their adventure begins.

Roads End
  • Their Adventure Begins

    Episode 1

    Two adrenaline junkies that love nothing more than off road adventure motor biking. And they’re off on their most epic journey ever, to Argentina.

  • Broken Bike

    Episode 2

    Rob and Dave are pushed to their limits. Fighting through the rough ride across the scorching sand dunes littered with shrubbery Rob is unable to continue.

  • Separate Riders

    Episode 3

    Rob and Dave’s patience are pushed to the limits as the whole trip hangs in the balance of Rob’s broken clutch. Will they have to buy a new bike?

  • San Juan To Laguna Brava

    Episode 4

    In this episode Rob and Dave put the drama of Rob’s broken clutch behind them and go full steam ahead from San Juan to Laguna Brava.

  • Salt Flats

    Episode 5

    Rob and Dave are continuing on through the stunning scenery of Laguna Brava towards Corona del Inca. That’s not all they’ve got in store though.

  • Abandoned Village

    Episode 6

    Rob & Dave embrace their adventurous sides when they abandon the plan to take the safe route and instead take on what could be their most challenging riding.

  • Fiambala

    Episode 7

    In this episode, Rob and Dave drive through Fiambala and decide to stop at the town’s most famous site the naturally occurring hot springs baths.

  • Crater

    Episode 8

    Rob and Dave continue their journey to Salta, but before they go anywhere near the glorious wine capital they make a detour the Cerro Blanco, a large volcano.

  • Stunning Scenario

    Episode 9

    A day of gruelling grape picking lies ahead and the duo discover a new love for the country’s greatest export.

  • Back To Where It All Started

    Episode 10

    In this episode Rob and Dave are reaching the end of their incredible journey and must go back to where it all started Buenos Aires.

  • 6000 Km

    Episode 11

    In this episode Rob and Dave make a toast to their recently finished trip rough riding across Argentina.

  • Re Live

    Episode 12

    In this episode Rob and Dave re-live some more of the highlights from their incredible 6000km journey.